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Weekend Flea Market 5-Oct-07

An assortment of stuff I came across in cyberspace, offered second hand, for anyone who may be interested. If you haven’t read it already, Thomas Friedman’s penultimate op-ed 9/11 Is Over, is a must-read. China has now started blocking all … Continue reading

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Microsoft ties up with Mumbai's Dabbawallas to promote Vista

Mumbai’s dabbawallas never cease to amaze me. They have received temendous publicity in the last few years, mostly because of the Six Sigma certification by Forbes, the Prince Charles visit and wedding invitation, and the support of Virgin’s Richard Bramson. … Continue reading

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Capitalist Eloquence

Nirmalya Kumar, Professor of Marketing at London Business School, and a renowed marketing guru: “Q: Do you think the growth of retailers — like Reliance, etc — and the advent of biggies like Wal-Mart could kill the small grocer or kirana shop in India? A: It’s very simple: no competitor can kill … Continue reading

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Walmart, Wade Rathake, et.al.

While Wade Rathke is mobilizing an anti-Walmart campaign in India – to “fight for the rights of the poor” and “protect small businesses and communities” – a different group of small businesses has a different way of responding to the corporate big-business “threat”. Small chemist shops across India, who’ve enjoyed a monopoly all these years, are gearing up to big pharma companies operating chemist stores with value added services. They’ve hired none other than E&Y and Accenture to “modernize their traditional chemist outlets”. Now, would anyone argue whether this … Continue reading

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