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The Passive Consumer vs. the Active Aficionado

The Passive Consumer Listens to whatever music is playing on radio or streaming online Watches TV shows when they are aired Watches movies just released that everyone is talking about Participates in trending conversations on social media Enjoys cartoons, videos, … Continue reading

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The Power Of One

A conversation between a small girl (Scout) and her father (Atticus) from To Kill A Mockingbird: “Do you defend niggers, Atticus?” I asked him that evening. “Of course I do. Don’t say nigger, Scout. That’s common.” “ ‘s what everybody … Continue reading

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An Equal Music: Book Review

I’m not much of a fiction literature guy. In fact, you could say I’m fictionally illiterate. 🙂 When I read blogs with prominent bookshelves, or ‘Literary Experiments’ in the tag line, I get an inferiority complex. My Unquiet Mind has … Continue reading

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