Favorite Movies

Tell me which movies you like and I will tell you what you are.”

This is a series of posts for a meme in which you have to list one favorite film per alpha­bet. I took this up as a chal­lenge that allowed me to express my appre­ci­a­tion of some of my favorite films. I have struc­tured each post with one win­ner (a pre­req­ui­site of the meme is that you select one, and only one), a run­ner-up, and oth­er note­wor­thy films. Feel free to take up the meme if you like. Movies_thumb

This page serves as an index to the series. Do leave a com­ment if you like the series or if you want an Excel spread­sheet.

0–9: Win­ner 2001: A Space Odyssey, Run­ner-Up 12 Angry Men

A: Win­ner Amadeus, Run­ner-Up Apoc­a­lypse Now

B: Win­ner A Beau­ti­ful Mind, Run­ner-Up Babel

C: Win­ner Charu­la­ta, Run­ner-Up The Col­or Pur­ple

D: Win­ner Dr. Strangelove, Run­ner-Up Dead Man Walk­ing

E: Win­ner Eight and Half, Run­ner-Up Ek Doc­tor Ki Maut

F: Win­ner Fan­ta­sia, Run­ner-Up For­rest Gump

G: Win­ner Ground­hog Day, Run­ner-Up The Great Dic­ta­tor

H: Win­ner Hell In The Pacif­ic, Run­ner-Up Hotel Rwan­da

I: Win­ner Ikiru, Run­ner-Up None

J: Win­ner The Jun­gle Book, Run­ner-Up Judg­ment at Nurem­berg

K: Win­ner Kin­sey, Run­ner-Up Kanoon

L: Win­ner Lawrence of Ara­bia, Run­ner-Up La Dolce Vita

M: Win­ner Mirch Masala, Run­ner-Up None

N: Win­ner Noto­ri­ous, Run­ner-Up Nayakan

O: Win­ner One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Run­ner-Up Out of Africa

P: Win­ner Psy­cho, Run­ner-Up Pather Pan­chali

Q: Win­ner The Queue, an imag­i­nary film

R: Win­ner Red Beard, Run­ner-Up Rashomon

S: Pref­ace

S: Win­ner The Shaw­shank Redemp­tion

S: Run­ner-Up Sev­en Samu­rai

T: Win­ner Taxi Dri­ver, Run­ner-Up Titan­ic

U: Win­ner Unfor­giv­en, Run­ner-Up The Untouch­ables

V: Win­ner Ver­ti­go, Run­ner-Up Von Ryan’s Express

W: Win­ner When Har­ry Met Sal­ly, Run­ner-Up Wall-E

XYZ: Win­ner Yojim­bo

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