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Web Graveyard Update

I had recently mooted the concept of, where your presence in the online world will forever be preserved, including your social networking profiles, blogs, etc. If anyone is yet not convinced this is a great idea, check out Online-Funeral. … Continue reading

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Classifying a Blog’s Writing Style

How much can Artificial Intelligence learn from your writing? Your gender? Your MBTI personality type? Can someone find out such things about you from your writing? uClassify is a free text classifier web service, using which you can develop your … Continue reading

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Some Useful Reading and Writing Tools

In The Writing Meme, I had mentioned about using the right tools. Here are a few tools I’ve recently found. Improve Readability Readability is a bookmarklet you can add to your browser toolbar to make web pages easy to read. … Continue reading

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The Writing Meme

Nita has kindly tagged me for listing strengths of a writer that I aspire to have. I read a few excellent writers who’ve contributed to this before, like Suburban Life, The Individual Voice, Joe Felso, MariaCristina, and of course, Rambodoc. … Continue reading

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