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Poetically Speaking, What is Poetry for me?

Again, something I’d written long time back, in 1990, to be precise. All criticisms welcome! What do I write about? The mountains, lakes, skies; Or birds, flowers, and the like? Here I am, amongst my daily troubles, Wanting some peace … Continue reading

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High Cost Locust Alert!

While India may be an attractive low-cost outsourcing destination, it is also an attractive destination for locusts! The UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization has warned of a locust threat in India and Pakistan: Recent heavy rainfall in Pakistan and western … Continue reading

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Yearning for Sense…

Once an issue becomes a mainstream news item in India, you can be sure every major religious group, political party, student organization, and celebrity will have an opinion on it. After the Shiv Sena, it’s now the All India Minorities … Continue reading

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The Dewdrop & the Raindrop

Dewdrop says to raindrop, It’s all nice for you You’re fully grown when you drop I go through so much pain to grow! Raindrop says yes, but The leaves and flowers reject me as I’m foreign You stay with them much longer Since you’ve spent time growing with them!

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