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The Dewdrop & the Raindrop

Dew­drop says to rain­drop, It’s all nice for you You’re ful­ly grown when you drop I go through so much pain to grow! Rain­drop says yes, but The leaves and flow­ers reject me as I’m for­eign You stay with them much longer Since you’ve spent time grow­ing with them!

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Raaga and Symphony

Raa­ga said to Sym­pho­ny: “You are mag­nan­i­mous, and over a 100 musi­cians per­form you.” Replied Sym­pho­ny: “Yet, I’m sta­t­ic and unchang­ing, but you’re evolv­ing and ever-grow­ing.” Both real­ized: Sym­pho­ny is time­less and eter­nal; Raa­ga is liv­ing and breath­ing. And thus, a new friend­ship was born…

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Unfinished Symphony

Con­fu­sions galore Mis­un­der­stand­ings unlim­it­ed Com­mu­ni­ca­tion furor Rela­tion­ship lim­it­ed Hearts bro­ken Emo­tions ris­ing Promis­es bro­ken Tem­pers ris­ing Eyes wet Gen­i­tals dry Chil­dren fret Peo­ple cry Insou­ciance abounds Cold­ness con­ta­gious Harsh words Atti­tudes pre­ten­tious Silence, dead­lock Icy dark­ness Chime of the clock … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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