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The Dewdrop & the Raindrop

Dewdrop says to raindrop, It’s all nice for you You’re fully grown when you drop I go through so much pain to grow! Raindrop says yes, but The leaves and flowers reject me as I’m foreign You stay with them much longer Since you’ve spent time growing with them!

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Raaga and Symphony

Raaga said to Symphony: “You are magnanimous, and over a 100 musicians perform you.” Replied Symphony: “Yet, I’m static and unchanging, but you’re evolving and ever-growing.” Both realized: Symphony is timeless and eternal; Raaga is living and breathing. And thus, a new friendship was born…

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Unfinished Symphony

Confusions galore Misunderstandings unlimited Communication furor Relationship limited Hearts broken Emotions rising Promises broken Tempers rising Eyes wet Genitals dry Children fret People cry Insouciance abounds Coldness contagious Harsh words Attitudes pretentious Silence, deadlock Icy darkness Chime of the clock … Continue reading

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