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The Straight Dope FAQ on Indian Elections 2009

Or what newspapers and media will not tell you about the 2009 Indian Parliamentary Election. Will the new government go in for reform? Absolutely! Though there may be a slight difference between what everyone understands by reform and what the … Continue reading

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Web Graveyard Update

I had recently mooted the concept of, where your presence in the online world will forever be preserved, including your social networking profiles, blogs, etc. If anyone is yet not convinced this is a great idea, check out Online-Funeral. … Continue reading

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Strengthening Indian democracy – What can we do?

From my newspaper reading of the past week, one line stuck in my mind: “The plain fact is that democratic government — which is systemically better than all other forms of government — inevitably panders to narrow but powerful interests … Continue reading

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The Largest Pyramid Ever?

A grand idea, considered improbable by most. Gaining publicity last month, was the proposed plan of German entrepreneurs to build the world’s largest structure – a pyramid shaped tomb to contain the remains of millions of people of all faiths … Continue reading

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Climate Changes Nobel Peace Prize?

There is wide speculation that Al Gore will win the Nobel Peace Prize today, and the betting odds are highly in his favor. Let’s get this straight. Alfred Nobel’s Will says that the Peace Prize shall be given to: the … Continue reading

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