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How Atheists Are Also Often Spiritual

Can an atheist be spiritual? I posed this question on social media and the responses ranged from the resoundingly affirmative to outright negative. Example of the affirmative: “Certainly. I’m an atheist, but I spend more time thinking about spiritual things … Continue reading

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“Holy Shit” of Terror: Middle Ages & Renaissance

Serial killers are a special kind of breed for law enforcement agencies. This has been a popular germ for numerous movies and countless novels. Detectives investigating serial murders build a profile of the killer based on gathered evidence, then match … Continue reading

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What The Hell Is Divinity?

A few blog posts and conversations with friends have made me unquiet about the concept of Divinity: What is Divinity and what does it mean? Background My friend Asuph wrote about Divinity in 2004, when I had not even started … Continue reading

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Mentally Challenged, Raped, Pregnant. Abort?

While Barack Obama proclaims White House support to the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities to which India is a signatory, the Indian Supreme Court has delivered a landmark judgment in a unique case of young woman … Continue reading

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