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The Passive Consumer vs. the Active Aficionado

The Pas­sive Con­sumer Lis­tens to what­ev­er music is play­ing on radio or stream­ing online Watch­es TV shows when they are aired Watch­es movies just released that every­one is talk­ing about Par­tic­i­pates in trend­ing con­ver­sa­tions on social media Enjoys car­toons, videos, … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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Do New Scientist’s Headlines Make Sense?

When I was in school, I was asked to par­tic­i­pate in a debate: “Sci­ence: A Cure Or A Dis­ease?”. Yes, my school sucked. Since then, I’ve been observ­ing how the dis­ci­pline of sci­ence remains large­ly mis­un­der­stood or not under­stood at … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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Encouraging Superstition on TV

A few days back, I was watch­ing a children’s real­i­ty show on TV, Zee Saregama­pa Lit­tle Champs. Young chil­dren sing and com­pete in this show, and there are two judges, one of whom is Ms. Alka Yag­nik. After one of … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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Rulebook for Indian TV News Producers

Any new­bie TV News Pro­duc­er who wants to com­pete with the top Indi­an news chan­nels will be well advised to com­ply with the fol­low­ing guide­lines: All news is BREAKING NEWS. This also means that if there is no news, BREAKCon­tin­ue read­ing

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Weekend Flea Market 5-Oct-07

An assort­ment of stuff I came across in cyber­space, offered sec­ond hand, for any­one who may be inter­est­ed. If you haven’t read it already, Thomas Friedman’s penul­ti­mate op-ed 9/11 Is Over, is a must-read. Chi­na has now start­ed block­ing all … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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Right to Free Speech: What does it mean?

The con­tro­ver­sy start­ed last week, when Ver­i­zon (one of the two largest tele­com car­ri­ers in the US), refused to make their net­work avail­able for a text mes­sage pro­gram advo­cat­ing abor­tion. The pro­gram allows peo­ple to sign up for mes­sages if … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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A Case of Contempt

In a con­temp­tu­ous rul­ing, the Del­hi High Court today sen­tenced four jour­nal­ists of Mid-Day news­pa­per to four months in jail. It ruled that arti­cles and a car­toon in the news­pa­per accus­ing for­mer Chief Jus­tice of India, Mr. Y. K. Sab­har­w­al, … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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WikiScanning India

In the pri­­va­­cy-cher­ish­ing geek Inter­net pop­u­lace, a mon­i­tor­ing tool for trac­ing changes to Wikipedia entries is gain­ing noto­ri­ous pop­u­lar­i­ty. WikiScan­ner, a tool cre­at­ed a few weeks back, maps mil­lions of Wikipedia edits to the IP address of the com­put­er used … Con­tin­ue read­ing

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