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Dip, Dipper, Dipping…

Imagine being in charge of AIDS-prevention in India, where you’ve to market condoms to the masses, amidst this country’s socio-religious-conservatively charged atmosphere. Rather than cringing at the thought, some people actually rise up to it, and produce some great advertising … Continue reading

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Top Ten Signs You're Addicted To Asterix

In the mid-1990’s, the Internet humor scene was proliferated by “Top Ten Signs”. It started with “Top Ten Signs You’re Addicted To The Internet“, and now includes Google and Blogging! Well, I’m a self-confessed Asterix addict, and I tried to find signs you’re addicted to it, but there were none. Hence, I decided to come up with my own.  So here goes… Top Ten Signs You’re Addicted To Asterix 10. You exclaim ‘By Toutatis’ in surprise. 9. You feel hungry after … Continue reading

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Indo-US Nuclear Deal and OBC Quota

Heard in passing: with the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal in jeopardy, what can Manmohan Singh, the Indian PM, do? Answer: Send HRD Minister Arjun Singh to the US Congress, so that the deal can be pushed under the OBC (Other Backward Country) Quota System! [The OBC Quota System is for Other Backward Classes – a reservation system in India for minority castes]

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