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The Passive Consumer vs. the Active Aficionado

The Passive Consumer Listens to whatever music is playing on radio or streaming online Watches TV shows when they are aired Watches movies just released that everyone is talking about Participates in trending conversations on social media Enjoys cartoons, videos, … Continue reading

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How Atheists Are Also Often Spiritual

Can an atheist be spiritual? I posed this question on social media and the responses ranged from the resoundingly affirmative to outright negative. Example of the affirmative: “Certainly. I’m an atheist, but I spend more time thinking about spiritual things … Continue reading

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Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes, Bipolar Disorder and Manic Depression

I grew up watching Jeremy Brett in one of my best loved TV series of Sherlock Holmes. Brett was the quintessential Holmes, nobody, neither Basil Rathbone nor Benedict Cumberbatch can come close to epitomizing the essential Sherlock. In 2014, Brett … Continue reading

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“Holy Shit” of Terror: Middle Ages & Renaissance

Serial killers are a special kind of breed for law enforcement agencies. This has been a popular germ for numerous movies and countless novels. Detectives investigating serial murders build a profile of the killer based on gathered evidence, then match … Continue reading

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