A Confession of my Quirky Habits

This is an assort­ed com­pi­la­tion, com­ing from an unqui­et mind. Here is a list of my quirks in no par­tic­u­lar order.

  • I always arrange cur­ren­cy notes in order of denom­i­na­tion in my wal­let. If my wal­let has 3 com­part­ments for cur­ren­cy notes, I can group them eas­i­ly. If only 2, I use dri­ving license or oth­er card to cre­ate arti­fi­cial sep­a­ra­tor so I can group in 3 – 500/1000s, 100/50s, and 20/10s.
  • I have a fixed time for heat­ing my tea cup or cof­fee mug in the microwave. As the cup or mug rotates to the fixed time, the end result may not bring the cup or mug han­dle at a con­ve­nient posi­tion, thus I know how to exact­ly place it before­hand, so that it does.
  • Dur­ing the old ‘80s era, I nev­er took a cas­sette out of the cas­sette play­er unless it was com­plete­ly wound to one side.
  • When I push my seat back in a flight, I secret­ly pray that the trav­eller behind me is not being incon­ve­nienced. But I still secret­ly feel guilty some­where deep inside for doing that with­out know­ing it. Then I resolve my guilt ‘ratio­nal­ly’ say­ing to myself, either the pas­sen­ger behind can let me know if there is any incon­ve­nience or it’s the airline’s fault for design­ing seat­ing this way any­way.
  • I can’t break an egg with­out think­ing I’m destroy­ing a life so I do it hes­i­tant­ly and ama­teur­ish­ly.
  • I used to have the exact change for the bus fare before get­ting into a crowd­ed bus, so I would not have to scram­ble when I buy my tick­et from the con­duc­tor amidst the chaos inside the bus.
  • Most folks seem to enjoy watch­ing movies while pass­ing com­ments and mak­ing jokes about them. I can’t par­tic­i­pate in this group-movie-watch­ing, and pre­fer to watch movies by myself or with a close set of friends. I am not a pop­corn-movie-watch­er.
  • When trav­el­ling to inte­ri­or parts of Indi­an states, when hav­ing a cup of tea or the local snacks, I leave what­ev­er change there is to the ven­dor. I nev­er give alms to beg­gars, but always give extra to rur­al folk who work for their hard earned mon­ey.
  • I nev­er leave an opened book turned upside down at the page I was read­ing. For any­one who wor­ships books, that is blas­phe­my. Either use a book­mark or remem­ber the page. I am dis­gust­ed at peo­ple who keep opened books upturned.
  • I always install a new ver­sion of Win­dows as a fresh install, nev­er upgrade. Yes, I need to rein­stall all the apps I need, but I think it’s worth it.
  • I can nev­er leave a news­pa­per with­out all its pages fold­ed cor­rect­ly and arranged in the fash­ion it came out of the print­ing press. I dis­like peo­ple who treat news­pa­pers casu­al­ly leav­ing pages scat­tered.
  • I can nev­er under­stand peo­ple who can switch from one genre of music to anoth­er seam­less­ly. To me, it seems the music nev­er per­co­lates into their soul, they just lis­ten to it super­fi­cial­ly.

These are a few of my eccen­tric habits. But that is me.

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  • TheRomit

    Ha. Made me think about mine.

    1. Always turn off music/audio in the car before turn­ing the car off.
    2. On sub­ject of car, always put handbrake/parking brake before leav­ing the car.
    3. Always, always keep my wal­let, ker­chief and car/home keys togeth­er so I nev­er for­get either of the things.
    4. I share you air­plane seat recline issue. As a tall per­son, otoh, I always pray the per­son in front does not care about reclin­ing 🙂
    5. I always close tabs that I switch away from or am done with. I hate hav­ing more than 4–5 tabs open in a brows­er.
    6. One thing I almost always car­ry in my toi­let bag: Q-tips.
    7. I dis­like state­ment-mak­ing prints on t-shirts and avoid those aggres­sive­ly. If there is print on my t-shirts it is usu­al­ly mut­ed. Unless it is my grad school tee 🙂

    I do have OCD so I could go on and on with pat­terns I fol­low, but will stop here 🙂

  • I do the same with cur­ren­cy notes, win­dows installs and news­pa­pers.

    • Feels nice to know I’m not the only one 🙂

  • Quite an inter­est­ing list, Mahen­dra — adding some of mine;

    1. I share your peeve of leav­ing books turned upside down mid-way while read­ing. Always use a book­mark / remem­ber where I left off

    2. Always open mail / envelopes with a paper cut­ter / paper knife. Nev­er tear open a let­ter

    3. All music I have *has* to be tagged & named to what­ev­er detail pos­si­ble, includ­ing album art

    4. Pre­fer wear­ing T-Shirts with a col­lar v/s round-neck tees

    5. Most­ly tend to insert the car key in the igni­tion before actu­al­ly get­ting into the car myself

    6. Have a ‘third eye’ for typos. Show me any text, and if there’s a typo / gram­mat­i­cal error, my eyes auto­mat­i­cal­ly nav­i­gate to it, or you can say typos leap to my eye 🙂

    7. While cook­ing or even con­sum­ing any bev­er­age, I always stir counter-clock­wise

    8. Thanks to my fore­arm & wrist frac­tures, am in the habit of keep­ing the cush­ion to my right (where avail­able) or sit­ting such that the arm-rest is on the right

    9. Dit­to for leav­ing a news­pa­per the same way it was deliv­ered

    10. Usu­al­ly read news­pa­pers and mag­a­zines back to front

    11. Don’t car­ry a wal­let. Cur­ren­cy notes are always arranged in low­er to high­er denom­i­na­tions and fac­ing the same way

    • Thanks for shar­ing Atul!

      Absolute­ly the same for #3 🙂 And #5 and #7 are real­ly quirky, had nev­er heard of that before 🙂

  • Here are a few of mine:

    1. I only cook five PIz­za Rolls at a time for 70 sec­onds in the microwave. I nev­er do any­more or any less than that (it’s a real bum­mer when I only have four Piz­za Rolls left).
    2. When I dri­ve, my seat must be straight up and down, and I have to be as close as pos­si­ble to the steer­ing wheel. I can­not “lean back.” Appar­ent­ly, I do not believe dri­ving should be a com­fort­able expe­ri­ence.
    3. I do not go any­where with­out my mes­sen­ger bag, even if I am 100% sure I don’t need it.
    4. I own four pairs of the same black jeans and three pairs of the same boots, so I don’t have to think about what I want to wear in the morn­ing.
    5. I only have two pro­grams active­ly open on my com­put­er at all times (though I let Drop­box run in the back­ground). This is from my high school days when I owned my first com­put­er. It would crash if I opened more than two pro­grams at once.
    6. I only install as many apps that fit on the first screen of my iPhone. If an app makes it to the sec­ond screen, I might as well delete it, because I guar­an­tee that I will for­get it exists.
    7. I can’t drink dark hot tea with­out eat­ing some­thing. It doesn’t feel right for some rea­son.

    I know there are more, but I can’t think of them at this moment in time. I’ll update if any come up 🙂

    • Thanks for shar­ing, Hold­en! Those are some real­ly quirky ones 🙂

      Love the idea of #4, wow.

  • impres­sive one 🙂