A Confession of my Quirky Habits

This is an assorted compilation, coming from an unquiet mind. Here is a list of my quirks in no particular order.

  • I always arrange currency notes in order of denomination in my wallet. If my wallet has 3 compartments for currency notes, I can group them easily. If only 2, I use driving license or other card to create artificial separator so I can group in 3 – 500/1000s, 100/50s, and 20/10s.
  • I have a fixed time for heating my tea cup or coffee mug in the microwave. As the cup or mug rotates to the fixed time, the end result may not bring the cup or mug handle at a convenient position, thus I know how to exactly place it beforehand, so that it does.
  • During the old ‘80s era, I never took a cassette out of the cassette player unless it was completely wound to one side.
  • When I push my seat back in a flight, I secretly pray that the traveller behind me is not being inconvenienced. But I still secretly feel guilty somewhere deep inside for doing that without knowing it. Then I resolve my guilt ‘rationally’ saying to myself, either the passenger behind can let me know if there is any inconvenience or it’s the airline’s fault for designing seating this way anyway.
  • I can’t break an egg without thinking I’m destroying a life so I do it hesitantly and amateurishly.
  • I used to have the exact change for the bus fare before getting into a crowded bus, so I would not have to scramble when I buy my ticket from the conductor amidst the chaos inside the bus.
  • Most folks seem to enjoy watching movies while passing comments and making jokes about them. I can’t participate in this group-movie-watching, and prefer to watch movies by myself or with a close set of friends. I am not a popcorn-movie-watcher.
  • When travelling to interior parts of Indian states, when having a cup of tea or the local snacks, I leave whatever change there is to the vendor. I never give alms to beggars, but always give extra to rural folk who work for their hard earned money.
  • I never leave an opened book turned upside down at the page I was reading. For anyone who worships books, that is blasphemy. Either use a bookmark or remember the page. I am disgusted at people who keep opened books upturned.
  • I always install a new version of Windows as a fresh install, never upgrade. Yes, I need to reinstall all the apps I need, but I think it’s worth it.
  • I can never leave a newspaper without all its pages folded correctly and arranged in the fashion it came out of the printing press. I dislike people who treat newspapers casually leaving pages scattered.
  • I can never understand people who can switch from one genre of music to another seamlessly. To me, it seems the music never percolates into their soul, they just listen to it superficially.

These are a few of my eccentric habits. But that is me.

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  • TheRomit

    Ha. Made me think about mine.

    1. Always turn off music/audio in the car before turning the car off.
    2. On subject of car, always put handbrake/parking brake before leaving the car.
    3. Always, always keep my wallet, kerchief and car/home keys together so I never forget either of the things.
    4. I share you airplane seat recline issue. As a tall person, otoh, I always pray the person in front does not care about reclining 🙂
    5. I always close tabs that I switch away from or am done with. I hate having more than 4-5 tabs open in a browser.
    6. One thing I almost always carry in my toilet bag: Q-tips.
    7. I dislike statement-making prints on t-shirts and avoid those aggressively. If there is print on my t-shirts it is usually muted. Unless it is my grad school tee 🙂

    I do have OCD so I could go on and on with patterns I follow, but will stop here 🙂

    • Nice 🙂 I share 1, 2, and 5 🙂

  • I do the same with currency notes, windows installs and newspapers.

    • Feels nice to know I’m not the only one 🙂

  • Quite an interesting list, Mahendra – adding some of mine;

    1. I share your peeve of leaving books turned upside down mid-way while reading. Always use a bookmark / remember where I left off

    2. Always open mail / envelopes with a paper cutter / paper knife. Never tear open a letter

    3. All music I have *has* to be tagged & named to whatever detail possible, including album art

    4. Prefer wearing T-Shirts with a collar v/s round-neck tees

    5. Mostly tend to insert the car key in the ignition before actually getting into the car myself

    6. Have a ‘third eye’ for typos. Show me any text, and if there’s a typo / grammatical error, my eyes automatically navigate to it, or you can say typos leap to my eye 🙂

    7. While cooking or even consuming any beverage, I always stir counter-clockwise

    8. Thanks to my forearm & wrist fractures, am in the habit of keeping the cushion to my right (where available) or sitting such that the arm-rest is on the right

    9. Ditto for leaving a newspaper the same way it was delivered

    10. Usually read newspapers and magazines back to front

    11. Don’t carry a wallet. Currency notes are always arranged in lower to higher denominations and facing the same way

    • Thanks for sharing Atul!

      Absolutely the same for #3 🙂 And #5 and #7 are really quirky, had never heard of that before 🙂

  • Here are a few of mine:

    1. I only cook five PIzza Rolls at a time for 70 seconds in the microwave. I never do anymore or any less than that (it’s a real bummer when I only have four Pizza Rolls left).
    2. When I drive, my seat must be straight up and down, and I have to be as close as possible to the steering wheel. I cannot “lean back.” Apparently, I do not believe driving should be a comfortable experience.
    3. I do not go anywhere without my messenger bag, even if I am 100% sure I don’t need it.
    4. I own four pairs of the same black jeans and three pairs of the same boots, so I don’t have to think about what I want to wear in the morning.
    5. I only have two programs actively open on my computer at all times (though I let Dropbox run in the background). This is from my high school days when I owned my first computer. It would crash if I opened more than two programs at once.
    6. I only install as many apps that fit on the first screen of my iPhone. If an app makes it to the second screen, I might as well delete it, because I guarantee that I will forget it exists.
    7. I can’t drink dark hot tea without eating something. It doesn’t feel right for some reason.

    I know there are more, but I can’t think of them at this moment in time. I’ll update if any come up 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing, Holden! Those are some really quirky ones 🙂

      Love the idea of #4, wow.

  • impressive one 🙂