Conjoined Twins

One can exist by itself, but the other can’t. But existence of the other helps one.

One comes first, the other comes latter. But the other gives birth to one again.

One is necessarily private, the other is typically public. The other also gives birth to one in others.

One is sometimes muddled and confused. The other comes to the rescue.

One can’t communicate, the other can.

One can’t make money, the other can.

One can never lie, the other can.

One is formless, the other depends on form.

One is automatic and effortless, the other requires conscious effort.

One’s beauty can only be revealed by the other.

When one is in the driving seat, the other follows. Great things happen when the other drives one.

One is always naked, the other often dressed up.

One is infinite in space, has no boundaries, and is transient. The other is finite in space, but timeless.

One is thinking, the other, writing.

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