Dumbstruck by a poem from my 7-yr old niece

This is a poem by my 7-year old precocious niece that I wish to cherish for posterity through this blog.

“The Earth”

I saw the stars
Twinkling above my head
And the sand
Blinking below my bed

The plants growing around me
The boats sailing around the sea
The eyes sparkling in a face
The bikes racing in a race

Oh, I wonder
I could be part of this beautiful nature!

I was flabbergasted after encountering this from a 7-year old. At that age, I don’t think I could even grasp such concepts, forget writing about them.

Evolution is not illusory, it is happening today, in front of all of us, if we only realize, understand and accept.

Update: After writing this post describing her as precocious, I later saw what she had scribbled on our whiteboard:

Scribbling by niece
Scribbling by niece
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