A Photo Essay on Friendship and Criticism

Sometimes, a friend’s criticism cuts so deep, it hurts.


It causes such anguish, that our love for the friendship momentarily turns to dust.


Criticism can leave a permanent imprint.


Nevertheless, however hurt we may be, criticism can smoothen the rough edges in our character.


A true friend is one who doesn’t pretend we are perfect, and who has the sincerity to criticize us when we deserve it. A true friend sometimes needs to be brutal.


(These photos were inspired by Atul Sabnis, whose photography often teaches me to “see”.)

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  • Poonam Sharma


  • asuph

    Loved it. The last photograph was straight out of If I Could See Better … I don’t think there is a higher compliment I can give :).

    • Wow, thanks so much. And I can’t think of any higher compliment either! Will take time for me to digest this truly – you made my day!