There are moments. When you real­ize there is a “meta” to every­thing that hap­pens. You have a feel­ing of accom­plish­ment of hav­ing the insight of the under­ly­ing meta.

It is a clar­i­ty, an insight, that you are joy­ous about. It is as if you have found the root of it all, in that con­text.

But you know what? Nobody cares about the meta. Nobody cares about your sup­posed insight. That is when real­i­ty sinks in. All oth­ers are inter­est­ed in is the here and now. Nobody cares about your insight. Nobody cares about your abstrac­tions. How­ev­er insight­ful they may be.

Abstrac­tions are what they are; dis­as­so­ci­at­ed from real­i­ty, an indul­gence of those who are Unqui­et. Abstrac­tions are an obses­sion of An Unqui­et Mind.

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  • Fast Dots

    Yes! They are dis­so­ci­at­ed from real­i­ty, but are the “essence” as per­ceived by the mind. Do you real­ly care if oth­ers are inter­est­ed in the meta or your insight? Or are you pur­su­ing the meta for your own pure joy? 🙂

    • You are, of course, right. This was a “rant” post 🙂 Abstrac­tions serve more mean­ing­ful pur­pos­es than just joy, I hope to have a fol­low-up post on it some­time. Still “in process” in my unqui­et mind.