There are moments. When you realize there is a “meta” to everything that happens. You have a feeling of accomplishment of having the insight of the underlying meta.

It is a clarity, an insight, that you are joyous about. It is as if you have found the root of it all, in that context.

But you know what? Nobody cares about the meta. Nobody cares about your supposed insight. That is when reality sinks in. All others are interested in is the here and now. Nobody cares about your insight. Nobody cares about your abstractions. However insightful they may be.

Abstractions are what they are; disassociated from reality, an indulgence of those who are Unquiet. Abstractions are an obsession of An Unquiet Mind.

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  • Fast Dots

    Yes! They are dissociated from reality, but are the “essence” as perceived by the mind. Do you really care if others are interested in the meta or your insight? Or are you pursuing the meta for your own pure joy? 🙂

    • You are, of course, right. This was a “rant” post 🙂 Abstractions serve more meaningful purposes than just joy, I hope to have a follow-up post on it sometime. Still “in process” in my unquiet mind.