Your Blog, Your Home, Your Self

A blog is a virtual home. A permanent place for your thoughts, your memories, your indiscretions, your introspection, and a place to share the unquietness of your mind.

No social network fulfills this need. Your blog is not a place where you impress your relatives with how good a vacation you had, it is not a place where you share your fantastic photographs with your friends, it is not a place where you are participating in any social network with the baggage it carries.

It is not a place like Facebook where you look at other people’s happy lives wondering what the hell you’re doing with yours. It is not like Twitter where everyone seems to have a lot of things to talk about when you yourself have nothing to say. It is not like Quora where seemingly intelligent folks are imparting their wisdom to seemingly-ignorant folks. It is not like Instagram where you’re looking at your uninteresting meal or routine surroundings while gazing at the great food or exotic destinations your friends are apparently enjoying. It is not where you find folks enjoying great music while your life seems to be in disharmony.

Your blog is a place where you can be yourself. It does not expect you to be happy and having a great time all the time. It does not expect you to capture in photos your best moments in life. It does not demand that you share the most momentous occasions with it. It does not expect that you share the great music you’re supposedly enjoying. There is no compulsion. There is no demand.

It just is there for you, if you ever need it. And that is what a true friend is. Your blog can be your best friend.

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