Your Blog, Your Home, Your Self

A blog is a vir­tu­al home. A per­ma­nent place for your thoughts, your mem­o­ries, your indis­cre­tions, your intro­spec­tion, and a place to share the unquiet­ness of your mind.

No social net­work ful­fills this need. Your blog is not a place where you impress your rel­a­tives with how good a vaca­tion you had, it is not a place where you share your fan­tas­tic pho­tographs with your friends, it is not a place where you are par­tic­i­pat­ing in any social net­work with the bag­gage it car­ries.

It is not a place like Face­book where you look at oth­er people’s hap­py lives won­der­ing what the hell you’re doing with yours. It is not like Twit­ter where every­one seems to have a lot of things to talk about when you your­self have noth­ing to say. It is not like Quo­ra where seem­ing­ly intel­li­gent folks are impart­ing their wis­dom to seem­ing­ly-igno­rant folks. It is not like Insta­gram where you’re look­ing at your unin­ter­est­ing meal or rou­tine sur­round­ings while gaz­ing at the great food or exot­ic des­ti­na­tions your friends are appar­ent­ly enjoy­ing. It is not where you find folks enjoy­ing great music while your life seems to be in dishar­mo­ny.

Your blog is a place where you can be your­self. It does not expect you to be hap­py and hav­ing a great time all the time. It does not expect you to cap­ture in pho­tos your best moments in life. It does not demand that you share the most momen­tous occa­sions with it. It does not expect that you share the great music you’re sup­pos­ed­ly enjoy­ing. There is no com­pul­sion. There is no demand.

It just is there for you, if you ever need it. And that is what a true friend is. Your blog can be your best friend.

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