Learning about Photography

A photograph captures a moment. Moments in time are fleeting, time passes you by, there is no other way to be able to reflect and contemplate a moment in time without the aid of photography. Before photography was invented, man had no control over time. Time relentlessly moved forward, man had no way of pressing a “Pause” button. We were slaves of Time. Until photography was invented.

Photography enabled us to capture Time and imprison it. Time could no longer sneakily slip away. We are now able to press the “Pause” button in a moment of fleeting Time. We conquered Time thanks to photography.

A photograph also has different eyes than yours. When you are in a situation, you see and perceive it according to your fixed attitudes of seeing and perceiving. When you see a photograph of the same situation taken by a different person, it often suddenly opens up a whole new world. Photographs are a way of seeing the world through different eyes. They can encourage us to look at situations in different ways. Photographs are not just ways of seeing the world differently, they often epitomize ways of thinking about the world around you differently.

I want to learn not to be prejudiced by experiencing a situation in the ways that I usually do. I want to open my mind to other possibilities of experiencing the same situation, through different eyes. And if possible, capture them as a moment in time.

It is with this goal in mind that I am joining the free massive open online course to explore and learn about photography. I am afraid it will take me more than a year to complete what is supposed to be a 4 month course, but the best part about it is that you can take your own sweet time about it, so I need not worry. Interested? Do join!

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