Goodbyes can be heartbreaking.

A goodbye in an airport is the worst. You hug your dear friend, say goodbye, after which you see him stand in queues, then disappear, but you know he’s still there. You wait in the parking lot outside, waiting to catch a glimpse of the plane when it takes off. And you silently say goodbye again to your friend who is no longer visible, as the plane zooms towards the sky.

Goodbyes in buses are a mixed affair. After a deep-hearted goodbye, your friend boards the bus, and then you see him in a window, waving as the bus speeds away. Often, it takes quite a while before it does so, leaving you disenchanted as you and your friend can see and communicate with each other without experiencing the intimacy of your friendship.

Goodbyes in trains and cabs are the most fulfilling of all. Till the last minute as the cab or train begins to move, you try to express your entire relationship in the firm grip of a handshake, your fingers trembling to let go, while your heart flutters. Despite the most fulfilling of all goodbyes, they are all quintessentially painful. Because we just never want to let go of our friends.
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