Relating, Relationships & Relativity

There are some people who, many times, say things we ourselves would have said. Their thoughts seem to mirror ours so often that it is astonishing. We relate to them, their ideas, their feelings.

This does not happen often with whom we call relatives. Blood may be thicker than water, but nothing quenches thirst as well as water. The thirst for a connection, a mutuality, a bond. When a thirst is fulfilled, a relationship is born.

Relationships are at angles. One’s line of approach towards a relationship usually lies at an angle to the other’s thinking. The acuity or obtuseness leads to complexity; orthogonality, though at right angles, usually doesn’t feel right. Sometimes, relationships that are parallel seem the most intimately connected, though parallel lines never meet.

Further, one’s perception of angles in a relationship also differs from the other’s. One may idolize a parallel, much to the consternation of the other who perceives orthogonality. After few meetings, one may think of another as someone one knows for many lifetimes, while being just a newcomer to the other. The frames of reference are very different, the passage of time unequal. In this way, relationships are relative.

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