How Mozart Composed and ‘SAW’ Music

From Jacques Hadamard’s Psychology of Invention in the Mathematical Field, p16 (Scribd):

When I feel well and in a good humour, or when I am taking a drive or walking after a good meal, or in the night when I cannot sleep, thoughts crowd into my mind as easily as you could wish. Whence and how do they come? I do not know and I have nothing to do with it. Those which please me I keep in my head and hum them; at least others have told me that I do so. Once I have my theme, another melody comes, linking itself with the first one, in accordance with the needs of the composition as a whole: the counterpoint, the part of each instrument and all the melodic fragments at last produce the complete work.

Then my soul is on fire with inspiration. The work grows; I keep expanding it, conceiving it more and more clearly until I have the entire composition finished in my head though it may be long. Then my mind seizes it as a glance of my eye a beautiful picture or a handsome youth. It does not come to me successively, with various parts worked out in detail, as they will later on, but in its entirety that my imagination lets me hear it.

This passage also reminded me of something Kumar Gandharva once said about visualizing Hindustani Ragas. He said he could visualize each Hindustani Raga in space, and that each had a unique form and shape.

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  • Mozart was a true genius.He started composing at the age of 5! His tunes sound modern even today.

  • thanks for this brilliant post.

  • Thank you, Seema, Vanita!

    Appreciate your comments.

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  • Mozart was a genius like tansen in india.No body teaches genius what and how to do except god.

  • Thanks a lot for this great piece on Mozart.