How Mozart Composed and ‘SAW’ Music

From Jacques Hadamard’s Psy­chol­o­gy of Inven­tion in the Math­e­mat­i­cal Field, p16 (Scribd):

When I feel well and in a good humour, or when I am tak­ing a dri­ve or walk­ing after a good meal, or in the night when I can­not sleep, thoughts crowd into my mind as eas­i­ly as you could wish. Whence and how do they come? I do not know and I have noth­ing to do with it. Those which please me I keep in my head and hum them; at least oth­ers have told me that I do so. Once I have my theme, anoth­er melody comes, link­ing itself with the first one, in accor­dance with the needs of the com­po­si­tion as a whole: the coun­ter­point, the part of each instru­ment and all the melod­ic frag­ments at last pro­duce the com­plete work.

Then my soul is on fire with inspi­ra­tion. The work grows; I keep expand­ing it, con­ceiv­ing it more and more clear­ly until I have the entire com­po­si­tion fin­ished in my head though it may be long. Then my mind seizes it as a glance of my eye a beau­ti­ful pic­ture or a hand­some youth. It does not come to me suc­ces­sive­ly, with var­i­ous parts worked out in detail, as they will lat­er on, but in its entire­ty that my imag­i­na­tion lets me hear it.

This pas­sage also remind­ed me of some­thing Kumar Gand­har­va once said about visu­al­iz­ing Hin­dus­tani Ragas. He said he could visu­al­ize each Hin­dus­tani Raga in space, and that each had a unique form and shape.

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  • Mozart was a true genius.He start­ed com­pos­ing at the age of 5! His tunes sound mod­ern even today.

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  • Mozart was a genius like tansen in india.No body teach­es genius what and how to do except god.

  • Thanks a lot for this great piece on Mozart.