Giving Space Often Brings Us Closer

A very good friend of mine is deeply religious.

Nei­ther his reli­gion, nor my athe­ism came in between our friendship.

Another close friend and rel­a­tive is deeply spiritual.

Despite my mate­ri­al­is­tic world­view, we under­stand each other bet­ter than most oth­ers do.

Iron­i­cal though it may sound, often, the space we give each other to be dif­fer­ent from us, brings us closer.

It isn’t affin­ity of ide­ol­ogy, but the free­dom to be our­selves, that often leads to inti­mate friendships.

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  • asuph

    Absolutely. And if one think a bit about it, it’s not iron­i­cal at all. When we deny space, the only rela­tion­ships we leave space for are fun­da­men­tally unequal. And inti­mate friend­ships is pre­cisely not that. But you put it beautifully.

  • Mahen­dra

    Thank you.