The Real Tablet Revolution

This is the slate I used growing up as a school kid. There was sibling rivalry over whose was shinier or had a larger “screen size”.


They are still used by some school children in India. Millions of them go to school today like this (image credit):

School Bags

With heavy burdens on their back, no wonder they hate going to school.

When Steve Jobs unveils the Apple Tablet in a few hours from now, I will be part of the thousands who will witness this revolutionary device remotely. But the real revolution in my mind will happen when such devices become mainstays in educational institutions worldwide.


No doubt the tablet will be great for entertainment, gaming, reading, and news consumption. But no other application has a greater, lasting impact, than that which revolutionizes learning.

As Joe Wilcox describes it, a “unified content platform, mixing different media types and live information” holds tremendous potential during the formative young years of our lives.

Imagine a classroom where students had access to live information about any topic under the sun. That is the world I want my kid to grow up in. When that happens, it will be the real tablet revolution.

(Written before Apple iPad launch; cross-posted from Skeptic Geek)

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  • Even i had one in school,
    but the new tablet seems to be unaffordable and going nowhere as per reviews.

    In any case i agree why just in a classroom ? there should be info democracy everywhere ,,, but who will usher it in for free?