What Is Wrong With This Picture?

When I was a kid, I loved to play a game that came in some comics and mag­a­zines: What’s wrong with the pic­ture? You had to spot illog­i­cal, unre­al, mis­matched and oth­er such odd­i­ties hid­den in small details in the pic­ture. The game encour­aged atten­tion to details, keen obser­va­tion, and appli­ca­tion of con­cepts like har­mo­ny, log­ic, etc.

What I want to do in this post, is start enjoy­ing some of the ben­e­fits of mov­ing away from WordPress.com. Here is a panora­ma I cre­at­ed of a sim­ple scene in Pune.

  • To zoom in, click on the image, or use your mouse wheel, or use the +/- but­tons
  • To move around in the image, sim­ply drag the pic­ture with your mouse
  • Use the Home but­ton to reset the view
  • Final­ly – you must try this out – use the right­most but­ton to switch between nor­mal and Full Screen view. You can still zoom in and move around in the Full Screen view.

The actu­al pho­to file size is 2.56 MB, but you down­load only the parts where you are scrolling and zoom­ing in, so the expe­ri­ence is smooth. For more on this tech­nol­o­gy, see here.

Now, what makes this pic­ture inter­est­ing, you might say? A typ­i­cal urban scene in India! Let’s play a grownup ver­sion of What’s Wrong With This Pic­ture, shall we? Here are my obser­va­tions:

  1. The pedes­tri­an side­walk (foot­path) is wide and you can actu­al­ly walk on it.
  2. There are bench­es on the side­walk where peo­ple real­ly sit.
  3. Clear­ly vis­i­ble pedes­tri­an (zebra) cross­ings and road mark­ers for dri­vers.
  4. A non-over­flow­ing trash can on the side­walk.
  5. A place to park two-wheel­ers with­out obstruct­ing the traf­fic on the road.
  6. New trees plant­ed to increase the green­ery of the area.
  7. The new tree saplings are actu­al­ly watered.

Sur­prised? Can you guess why so many things are wrong here?

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  • Love­ly! What part of Pune is this?

  • Hi Unmana, wel­come here!

    This is Pashan area, where there is a lake, hills, fresh air, and no traf­fic jams. 🙂 In short, unlike every­where else in Pune.

  • man o man, i lived in Swa­mi Samarth aprts for 3 yrs and almost couldn’t rec­og­nize the spot. Pashan, Suse road cleans up real­ly well.
    thanks for bring­ing back some nos­tal­gia with the pic.

  • Smitha,

    Wow, small world! 🙂

  • The paint­ed rocks/vegetation on the left is irri­tat­ing. All else is fine.

    I like this appli­ca­tion; had read about it [your arti­cle of course!].

  • // Can you guess why so many things are wrong here?

    Nope. Tell us!

  • This road had a makeover for the Com­mon­wealth Youth Games 2008 as it was one of the arte­r­i­al roads lead­ing to the venue! 🙂

    But what’s still sur­pris­ing is that even after one year, things are still look­ing good.

  • I saw this area a cou­ple of years ago- cer­tain­ly looks dif­fer­ent now!

  • Fun post! But you could have said that these things are right with the scene! Well, as you said it’s a makeover road and we use that road every­time we enter pune. Its a great road, wide and clean. Also, there is less traf­fic so I guess that is why its remained nice look­ing even now.
    Seems like an inter­est­ing appli­ca­tion, the zoom thing I mean.

  • Ah! You have giv­en the answer? I would have thought that the sud­den nar­row­ing of the road is a very wrong thing — would cause bot­tle necks. Just after the pole on the right lane (where there seems to be some debris).

    Any ways!

  • Man­ju, Nita, Atul, thanks.

    The nar­row­ing of the road is indeed wrong — it nar­rows because it leads to a nar­row bridge over the high­way. They didn’t think of the Com­mon­wealth Games when they built the bridge years ago!

  • I have nev­er been to Pune but after read­ing so much about the city I will def­i­nite­ly like to vis­it the city.
    The appli­ca­tion is inter­est­ing but some­times I won­der if tech­nol­o­gy has tak­en away the charm of good,old, tra­di­tion­al photography.It is dif­fi­cult to know which pic­ture is real and which one is pho­to­shopped.

  • Wait! You mean I got the right answer! Yay!

  • @Prerna: Let me know when you vis­it Pune! 🙂

    Tech­nol­o­gy takes the charm out of many things and bring new charm to oth­er things. You know how much I like old B&W pho­tographs — I’d post­ed them before on this blog.

    @Atul: 😀

  • jagadameeee

    The street lights left side near to auto are in oppo­site direc­tion they have to keep on road side

    one elec­tric cable is run­ning over flood light it is not required