Welcome to the Skeptic Geek!

this is the new home for An unquiet mind.

I have taken the plunge and decided to host my own blogs. My web presence will henceforth be at this new domain, where I am planning to maintain two separate blogs.

I was looking to consolidate my geek blog with my personal blog. I spent a lot of time thinking about and searching for a new domain name that would:

  • Reflect my personality
  • Be appropriate for both An Unquiet Mind’s character as well as a tech blog
  • Be available as a .com domain. This was the hardest part.

So finally, I am the proud new owner of www.skepticgeek.com.

The homepage is not yet hosted, since I am still figuring out how to optimally manage two blogs with WordPress. The current plan is:

  1. http://skeptic.skepticgeek.com will be An Unquiet Mind
  2. http://geek.skepticgeek.com will be my geek blog
  3. www.skepticgeek.com may be either a static page or the home page of my geek blog.

I wanted to enable readers of both types to follow both blogs independently, including subscribing to a separate, specific RSS feed.

The URL redirection from WordPress.com will be active for 1 year from today, after which I may discontinue it.

I request those of you who have me on their blogroll to update your links to point to http://skeptic.skepticgeek.com instead of http://mahendrap.wordpress.com.

Do let me know if you find any problems whatsoever with commenting, linking, navigating, etc.

How do you like my new domain name? All feedback and suggestions are most welcome, as always!

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  • welcome to your new home. is there going to be an online blog warming party ? 🙂
    love the template.

    • I wish there was a way to have a warming party! 🙂

      Thanks, Harini. Welcome and hope you feel at home here.

  • SS

    Congratulations and good luck! RSS feed changed accordingly…
    Hope you continue writing about social issues

    • Snigdha,

      Thank you very much. I just have one request – can you resubscribe to the RSS feed? I think you have subscribed to the raw blog feed and I updated it to the polished Feedburner feed after you subscribed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      As you can see, my canvas is very broad. I will definitely continue to write about important issues as far as I can manage. Your support and encouragement means a lot, and I am grateful.

  • Congrats Mahendra! Everything looks very good. I will remember to update my blogroll. 🙂

    • Priyank,

      Thank you and I am very grateful for your assistance in setting up WordPress to run my two blogs.

  • Hi! First time I am commenting on your blog- I read some of your earlier posts and enjoyed them.

    The look of this new blog is great!

    • Manju,

      Welcome and feel free to comment – that’s what this blog is all about.


  • Whatay coincidence. This is not the first time we've done something similar at the same time. I've created krishashok.com/blog to aggregate all the writing I do outside of Jalsa-Jilpa

    • Hmm…brothers again, eh? 🙂

      Congratulations! I have been so busy setting this up that I have so far resisted checking out your site – something I will correct immediately!

  • Hey this looks great. I have already updated the link in my blogroll.
    Congratulations Mahendra.

    • Thanks, Nita! Continued support from old-timers like you is what makes it all possible and worthwhile…

  • 🙂 Nice going … Loved the look and feel

    • Thanks, Prax!

      Same thing as I’ve said in my comments above – loyal readers like you who engage in conversation here make it a special experience.

  • Dev

    Oh, I was missing this. Somehow my blog surfer still shows that last post from your earlier blog.
    This one looks good..btw wondering abt your domain name skepticgeek? I mean arents skeptics and geeks the same people? 😉

    Your blog change also reminds me that I have to do some changes on my blog too, something which I have been postponing to do since a month now..perhaps early next week I will do so. Anyways, good luck with your new blog site.

    • Hi Dev,

      The ‘blog surfer’ will show blogs only from WordPress.com. So I will no longer figure there!

      Geeks are usually skeptics about everything else except technology. That’s where fanboys and evangelists overshadow scientific skepticism. That’s why SkepticGeek.com 😉

      Thanks Dev. I have been tied up with a lot of things lately, so I have to catch up with all your blogs!

  • Congrats Mahendra! I like the look of this site…smart and crisp.

  • A very professional make-over! 🙂 All the best!


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