Eight things you never knew about Joseph Haydn

  1. Born to a wheel­wright, he left home at age 6 to sing in Vienna’s St. Stephen’s Cathe­dral. When his voice broke, he was dis­missed.
  2. Haydn like wine so much, he insist­ed that part of his salary be paid in it.
  3. The great­est mis­take of his life was mar­ry­ing his wife. Ini­tial­ly, he fell in love with her sis­ter, but she became a nun. Con­sid­ered a shrew, Haydn’s wife used to rip up his scores and use them as hair curlers. JosephHaydn
  4. Haydn and Mozart used to play string quar­tets togeth­er. Haydn played vio­lin and Mozart played vio­la. Whose music do you think they played?
  5. When a Vien­nese pianist sneered at a Haydn pas­sage, say­ing, “I would not have writ­ten it that way,” Mozart replied, “Nei­ther would I. And you know why? Because nei­ther of us would have had so excel­lent an idea.”
  6. At his last pub­lic con­cert, Haydn had to be car­ried out in a chair, held aloft by ador­ing musi­cians. As he passed up the aisle, Beethoven kissed his hands. The audi­ence shed tears. Before reach­ing the door, Haydn turned and raised his hand to the orches­tra, as if in bless­ing.
  7. Mozart’s Requiem was played at Haydn’s funer­al.
  8. For 150 years, Haydn’s skull was dis­played at the famed Musikvere­in (con­cert hall) in Vien­na. Brahms, who couldn’t afford his own home, slept in an apart­ment there and liked to take Haydn’s skull at night, when he was com­pos­ing, and put it on his desk for inspi­ra­tion.
    Read the full arti­cle: Haydn vs. Mozart: the bat­tle of the clas­si­cal com­posers.
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  • Fast Dots

    Thanks for the link! I enjoyed read­ing the arti­cle. I think its unfor­tu­nate that he does­nt get the respect he deserves.