An Unquiet Mind of A Social Geek

Take a look at these num­bers:

  • This is my 267th post.
  • There are 2962 authen­tic com­ments on this blog.
  • My posts have 203 tags in 39 cat­e­gories.
  • Total views crossed 100K quite a while back.
    These num­bers usu­al­ly don’t mean much to me. But I always use a trick while climb­ing a moun­tain. When I am exhaust­ed and feel like I can’t go up any fur­ther, I turn and look the oth­er way around. See­ing how much ground we’ve cov­ered and how much height we’ve attained, is a re-ener­giz­ing tech­nique that works.
    How­ev­er, the need to look at these num­bers now did not arise because I’m exhaust­ed writ­ing on this blog. Since I start­ed An Unqui­et Mind over two years back, I have writ­ten exclu­sive­ly here. And now I’ve come to a fork in my path.300px-Janus-Vatican
    Dis­count­ing my pro­fes­sion­al writ­ing at, I have decid­ed to start a sep­a­rate per­son­al blog exclu­sive­ly focused on tech­nol­o­gy, specif­i­cal­ly social net­work­ing and social media web­sites and tech­nolo­gies.
    Since I began a writ­ing career, I real­ized that being an ear­ly adopter of new tech­nolo­gies, I need­ed to par­tic­i­pate in online com­mu­ni­ties of like-mind­ed tech­nol­o­gy enthu­si­asts and indus­try influ­encers.
    While Twit­ter has been one vehi­cle to achieve this, Friend­Feed has been more empow­er­ing. To retain the intel­lec­tu­al fla­vor of An Unqui­et Mind undi­lut­ed, I decid­ed to post tech­nol­o­gy relat­ed con­tent sep­a­rate­ly. Also, it did not make sense to direct the 90K+ MakeUse­Of sub­scribers inter­est­ed in cool web­sites, soft­ware, and inter­net tips to An Unqui­et Mind!
    Since I am known as the Social Geek in these tech cir­cles, my tech­nol­o­gy blog is of A Social Geek. I chose Pos­ter­ous rather than Word­Press as a plat­form since it’s flex­i­bil­i­ty suits my needs bet­ter. Feel free to follow/subscribe to A Social Geek if you’re so inclined. Posts from there are also dis­played in the side­bar here. Thus, my blogs reflects my two per­son­ae on Twit­ter — @SocialGeek maps to A Social Geek, @Palsule maps here.
    At this mile­stone I also decid­ed to exper­i­ment with a dif­fer­ent theme, pri­mar­i­ly for one rea­son: it gave me the push to do the nec­es­sary house­keep­ing of this blog that has been on the back­burn­er for a while. I have reor­ga­nized my cat­e­gories, which are now dis­played at the top. Hov­er­ing your mouse over them reveals sub-cat­e­gories too.
    I think this will help An Unqui­et Mind remain unqui­et about things that mat­ter. I think unqui­et minds rule over mat­ter, but nev­er mind.

Image: Janus, the two-faced Roman god of begin­nings and end­ings.

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  • Mahen­dra, it is a good idea to make a sep­a­rate blog for tech issues as that is a field that not every­one is inter­est­ed in. And yes, I have noticed that techy peo­ple are not inter­est­ed in the more gen­er­al blogs. But I hope that you don’t give up writ­ing here as this express­es who you are.
    And con­grats on reach­ing the var­i­ous mile­stones.

  • Nita, thanks. My num­ber of posts has reduced, but no, I will not give it up. 🙂

    Thanks for vis­it­ing. It’s old-time blog­ger friends like you who keep this blog going.

  • I recent­ly went through the motions to know whether I should merge my blogs (reverse of what you have done). I agree with Nita, that peo­ple come to a blog look­ing for x and when they find some­thing else, it usu­al­ly is a damp­en­er. While cat­e­gories help organ­ise, the genre of the blog is a very defin­ing char­ac­ter­is­tic. Thanks for point­ing me to sto­ry­tlr, not sure how many peo­ple use it — but it helps those who fol­low the per­son, rather than a blog.

    Good move!

  • Hi Mahen­dra,
    This was inevitable and con­grats for giv­ing birth to a new blog. It will be immense­ly use­ful from a pro­fes­sion­al per­spec­tive too, since you’ll be able to show­case your work and con­nect to peo­ple when you start work­ing as a social media con­sul­tant, which I see hap­pen­ing soon­er than lat­er. A sim­i­lar thought had crossed my mind when I sep­a­rat­ed the trav­el blog, but I’ve dis­cov­ered that my per­son­al blog gets a step moth­er­ly treat­ment now. Noth­ing inten­tion­al, but it takes efforts to run two blogs for sure. So while I think that I’ll fol­low your techie blog to a lim­it­ed extent, I’ll be look­ing for your per­son­al ram­bles on this space as always.

  • I agree, some­times Moti­va­tion is not how far you can go, but how far you have come. I quote that line to a big shot man­ag­er once (in my first job) when prod­ding him for my appraisal/role change. 😉

    Lat­er, I realised I needn’t had both­ered, but my hack­les used to be raised dur­ing those days. I have for­got­ten what my stats look like now, but I too think of them at times I want to give up blog­ging. well, no, to be hon­est, I don’t want to give up blog­ging.

  • Mahen­dra — Con­grats on all the mile­stones, and good luck with the new blog. Now let me go check out ‘A Social Geek’!

  • Good luck with Social Geek, Mahen­dra. And yes, please do keep post­ing here!


  • Dot­tie

    Con­grats! The social geek site looks inter­est­ing!

  • Amreekan­desi, Gau­ri, Dot­tie — thanks!