Posturing From My New Chair

After months of sit­ting on my com­put­er on a back­less set­tee, I began to real­ize that my back has a spinal cord, and that it’s made up of indi­vid­ual ver­te­brae.

But that’s not what this is about. While my new chair does indeed improve my pos­ture, this is a new pos­tur­ing using

I am writ­ing this email using Gmail, send­ing it to and attach­ing the pho­to of my new chair. After I hit the send but­ton, I sit back in my chair.

I expect Pos­ter­ous will:

  • Post this email and the pho­to to my Pos­ter­ous blog
  • Post my pho­to to my Flickr pho­to stream
  • Post my pho­to to my Picasa web albums
  • Post this update to my Face­book account (I want to see how it does that, whether it just links, or uploads the pho­to, etc.)
  • Post this email and pho­to to my blog — An Unqui­et Mind
  • Post this update to my Friend­feed, which will then tweet an update on Twit­ter as @SocialGeek
  • Post this update as a tweet on Twit­ter as @Palsule

Just 1 Email. Now, let’s see how it works!

Post­ed via email from Social­Geek

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  • Mahen­dra:

    Well I can cer­tain­ly see the post­ing to your blog worked. But my com­ment doesn’t relate to that. I momen­tar­i­ly envied the space on your shelves. I believe that in my move over 2 years ago, my books repro­duced. Despite adding a new book case, I have 7 unopened box­es (con­tain­ing my favourite books, natch) and I have a few hun­dred books piled atop a short­er book case. When I see space, I feel sad for my books. 🙁

  • Jay­alak­sh­mi


    I did not want to know about the pos­tur­ing , but was struck by your shelf.

    Nazar nikhal dijiye! :-))

  • Mahen­dra,

    Cool indeed that one email can do all this!! But what are those audio cas­settes still doing in the room of so “in tune” with lead­ing-edge tech­nolo­gies 😉 ?


  • I began to real­ize that my back has a spinal cord, and that it’s made up of indi­vid­ual ver­te­brae.”
    Maybe you need to buy a primer on human anato­my first!