My Online Social Map Visualization


A few weeks back, Hyper­Ac­tiveX asked me some­thing on Twit­ter.

What is your data flow? Have you mapped it yet?” or some­thing to that effect. This had been on my mind for quite a few months and I always pushed it to the back burn­er. Quad­rant I vs. Quad­rant II. The usu­al sto­ry.

But his tweet pushed me over the edge. It led to two posts (How to Define and Man­age Your Social Net­works), which weren’t pop­u­lar, but were noticed by a few select peo­ple. So here’s a big thank you to Hyper­Ac­tiveX for goad­ing me, and I now have my online social life mapped out on a page.


Com­ments are closed for this post, since I want to consolidate/track com­ments (if any) on that page itself.

(Car­toons cour­tesy: Geek and Poke)

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