Blog Camp Pune 2: Photo Post

Here are some pho­tographs I man­aged to click at Blog Camp Pune 2 when I could dis­en­gage myself from the talks. Snaps are host­ed on Flickr, please click to get high­er res­o­lu­tions. My thanks to all the ‘un’-organizers of the event for mak­ing this such a flaw­less­ly smooth event!

BlogCampPune 002 BlogCampPune 003

BlogCampPune 004 BlogCampPune 005

BlogCampPune 006 BlogCampPune 007

BlogCampPune 011 BlogCampPune 013

BlogCampPune 015 BlogCampPune 016

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  • Cool, are you going to write an exec­u­tive sum­ma­ry for us? 🙂

  • Dev

    Cool! When did this hap­pen? Were par­tic­i­pants only blog­gers? And where are you in these pic­tures? 🙂

  • And what did you all dis­cuss? Which blog­gers came? How was the atmos­phere? From the looks of it seems like a for­mal affair.

  • @Dev: If you want to see my pic­tures, con­nect with me on Face­book 🙂 I avoid post­ing per­son­al pic­tures on this blog, except the rare times I’ve post­ed pics of my baby daugh­ter.

    @All: Thanks for evinc­ing inter­est! I will write a short post for the high­lights.

  • More details please! 🙂
    Show us some celebri­ty blog­gers! 🙂

  • Nice snaps.….….…..sad i missed it 🙁 .…..look­ing for­ward to a sum­ma­ry.… 🙂

  • More details want­ed~ 🙂

    Will wait for your short post.