Roller Coaster Ride at Cedar Point

A few weeks back, when I realized that the world’s largest automaker was heading towards bankruptcy, I did a nostalgic photo-post of General Motors World Headquarters at the Renaissance Center and Detroit. This week, Six Flags, one of the world’s largest amusement park company in the world announced that it is filing for bankruptcy. It seems that in this economic downturn, people don’t want to spend their hard-earned money to get amused. So here is another nostalgic photo-post of a day at an amusement park that was loosely affiliated with Six Flags.

Cedar Point at Sandusky, Ohio currently holds the world record for the maximum number of roller coasters, one of which is the world’s second tallest and second fastest roller coaster. It has been voted The Best Amusement Park In The World for 11 consecutive years (yes, over Disneyworld in Florida). This is how the park looks from the air (not my photo):

It was a cloudy, rainy day that we went to Cedar Point. We were anxious, but the rides were fortunately open and running. Click on any of the pictures to get the higher resolution.

Cedar Point Cable CarsCedar Point Generic 1

The cable car runs through the entire length of the park, since walking around the whole day can become quite tiring!

Cedar Point Generic 2Cedar Point Generic 3

It was a bit difficult to get good outdoor photographs because the light was poor in rainy conditions.

Cedar Point Up DownCedar Point Antique Car

The Top Thrill Dragster has been the most thrilling experience of my life. Paragliding at the foot of the Himalayas didn’t come anywhere close. 0 to 120 mph (193 kmph) in 4 seconds. A 90 degree climb up to 420 feet (~ 50 stories) and a 90 degree straight fall while spiraling 270 degrees. All over in just 17 seconds. I managed to capture a train climbing, at the top, and descending:

Top Thrill Dragster UpTop Thrill Dragster TopTop Thrill Dragster Down

See more pictures of this demon here. The official page has more technical information as well as additional multimedia. And if you want to know how it actually feels like, I found this on YouTube:

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  • I would like to go there sometime. The trouble is finding someone to go with! 😐 My friends don’t enjoy roller coaster rides. We have a Six Flags park nearby…I don’t know if it will close down. I know that the CEO has been closing down unprofitable parks since the past year or so.

    But yes, this piece of news is quite saddening. Not sure what will remain of this economy.

  • fastdots

    That sounds like one wild ride! Unfortunately, just like Ruhi, I am surrounded by people who dont enjoy roller coasters! Maybe thats why all the amusement parks are going out of business.

    Another reason I think is that they charge too much and you spend a lot of time just waiting for a ride!

  • I like to watch the rides rather than go on them. I have a height fear. Seems like fun though.

  • Six Flags has been in trouble for a long time..I have never been to one though. Hate heights 🙂

  • I love amusement parks, but this statement is limited to me fantasizing about visiting them. For some reasons, time and money, this was the last item on my list of things to do. But perhaps some day I’ll visit Canada’s wonderland just outside the city.

    Cable car concept is fun! 🙂

  • Dev

    Mahendra, that was nostalgic. I dont have balls for most of the rides, but I still like visiting amusement parks with other people. I havent been to six flags myself, but it’s very much part of the culture here.

  • Never been to an amusement park of this type. In fact never been on one of the real dangerous roller coasters! Looks exciting though but for people like us in India we have to make do with the tame ones!

  • I went to Blackpool sometime back. Will be doing a post on that soon. The highest the ride went there was just 200 Feet. 🙁 But it was AWESOME!! 😀

  • Mahendra, I have been abroad many a time and to many countries too and in fact spent a couple of months in the US 🙂 Just did not go to an amusement park. Only been to amusement parks in India.