Blog Updates Summary Post

In the past few months, there have been many updates to the blog that I would like to sum­ma­rize here.

Blog Updates

An Unqui­et Mind, which got a tagline, has an updat­ed About Myself page (again). The recent films series is now indexed in the Favorite Films A to Z page, which will also let you down­load or access the list online once the list is fin­ished.

The side­bar includes a link to my Author Pro­file at, from where you can sub­scribe to my MUO arti­cles RSS feed. My Friend­Feed updates are shown in the side­bar. This will show you my recent tweets and updates even if you are not using any of those ser­vices. Click­ing on the Friend­Feed wid­get will take you to my Friend­Feed pro­file, from where you can con­nect with me on Face­book, LinkedIn, Twit­ter, and oth­er web ser­vices you choose (even if you don’t use Friend­Feed).

Blogroll Updates

  • 42: Lit­ter­a­teuse Gau­ri, who has a unique way with words
  • Dev’s World: A seri­ous stu­dent and pro­fes­sion­al of film-mak­ing, who gen­er­ous­ly and metic­u­lous­ly shares his knowl­edge and wis­dom
  • Gaiz­abonts: The mul­ti-dimen­sion­al and pro­lif­ic Atul Sab­nis
  • Kar­ma Call­ing: DotMom’s insight­ful and enjoy­able expe­ri­ences with fam­i­ly life and par­ent­ing
  • Life Rules!: Gau­ri Gharpure, who writes beau­ti­ful poet­ry, and whose blog I’ve yet to explore fur­ther
  • POV: Harini’s per­spec­tive on cur­rent affairs which usu­al­ly res­onates very well with me
  • Time and Again: Ruhi, who shares my pas­sion for good cin­e­ma
  • Vis­cer­al Obser­va­tions: Poon­am, who should have been on my blogroll a long time back

Need­less to say, these one line descrip­tions of blogs are not meant to encap­su­late them – they are just the essence of what I’ve dis­cov­ered so far.

Last­ly, I want­ed to men­tion that Nita had gra­cious­ly want­ed to bestow the Bril­liant Weblog Award on An Unqui­et Mind, at a time when I was on a hia­tus for per­son­al rea­sons. By being inac­tive at the time, I have relin­quished the award, but I do want to say that your com­ments, emails, and remem­brance always mean a lot to me.

Please do let me know if you have any sug­ges­tions, crit­i­cism, or any oth­er feed­back regard­ing the blog updates!

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  • Mahen­dra, it’s good to know that you are back to blog­ging reg­u­lar­ly again. I do hope that you con­tin­ue now that you have start­ed. And about the blogroll, you’ve remind­ed me of some­thing I should be doing too. I have not updat­ed my blogroll for ages and need to do so soon!

  • g


    Thanks for the men­tion 🙂 And for some great links!

  • Dev

    Thanks for men­tion­ing my blog, though Iam not sure if I real­ly deserve all those words you used for me. 🙂

  • Thank you 🙂 I used to have a Blogroll, but not any­more. I need to rebuild it. It’s good to see my dor­mant blog’s name here- because you list a cou­ple of cho­sen blogs. So it flat­ters me. 😉