A to Z of Films Meme (Q)

I have not seen any film start­ing with Q that I’d rec­om­mend to any­one. There are a hand­ful of good films, but I have not seen any. So let’s do a twist on this meme and make up our own movie. Since movies are all about imag­i­na­tion and cre­ativ­i­ty, here’s what I could imag­ine!


The Queue

The Queue is a slow-paced light dra­ma film that shows peo­ple lined up in a queue at the gates of heav­en. God, or who­ev­er decides whether peo­ple go to heav­en or hell after death, is on a vaca­tion. Tem­po­rary arrange­ments have been made for these peo­ple to stay while the queue pro­cess­ing is halt­ed. This area is shown as a small colony of shacks, in a Felli­nesque style, where peo­ple appear to float around.42-16602071

Nat­u­ral­ly, the group inter­ac­tion is all about what hap­pened in their lives, how did they die, whether they were hap­py, and their hopes and fears regard­ing heav­en and hell. And through their inter­ac­tion, they learn more about their lives than they did when they were alive.

There is a man and a woman, whose hearts were bro­ken back in their lives on earth. They empathize with each oth­er. Slow­ly they fall in love, as they learn more about their lives. Towards the end how­ev­er, a real­iza­tion dawns in both of them, that if they had been more under­stand­ing and car­ing of their part­ners, like they were here, they would have found the same love on earth.

There is a mid­dle-aged man who is dev­as­tat­ed that he died of a heart attack ear­li­er than he thought. He is depressed most of the time. Then he dis­cov­ers a young boy, a teenag­er, who was killed in an acci­dent. The teenag­er, far from being depressed, is look­ing for­ward to what hap­pens next. They talk and the man dis­cov­ers the youth­ful ener­gy with which the boy lived an adven­tur­ous life. From the boy, the man won­ders how much did he real­ly live his life of so many years? Of what use would it have been to live in the same way for a few years more?

In this fash­ion, many peo­ple real­ize things and dis­cov­er more about their lives than they ever had on earth. A lon­er learns to social­ize. A socialite learns the beau­ty of soli­tude. A celebri­ty on earth is no longer famous here, doesn’t crave for fame, and enjoys life with­out it.

There is a For­rest Gump like sim­ple­ton, who every­one has been tram­pling on through­out the movie. Every­one steps on his shoes, so to speak, shoves him around, behaves dom­i­neer­ing­ly with him. He is our prin­ci­pal char­ac­ter, and our nar­ra­tor. As the peo­ple around him under­stand what real­ly mat­ters in life, their behav­ior towards him grad­u­al­ly changes. They stop bul­ly­ing him. They start being more polite. Some of them actu­al­ly start being kind to him. In the end, he won­ders, why peo­ple seem so much bet­ter here, than back on earth.

Yes, if you’ve been fol­low­ing this meme from the begin­ning, you’ll find that The Queue is inspired by Ground­hog Day and After Life. What do you think? Will you enjoy watch­ing The Queue?

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  • nice sto­ry.

  • Trust you to think of a movie on death-relat­ed theme 😉

  • Ground­hog Day is an all-time fav. Queue sounds like it would make an engross­ing nov­el as well, and depend­ing on how it’s visu­al­ized could be a Babel me thinks.

    ..unless you stick­ing with Hol­ly­wood alone, how could u for­get the Amir-Juhi star­rer of 80’s — QSQT? 🙂

  • Loads of catch­ing up to do, final­ly caught on. I wrote this h.u.g.e com­ment on the Psy­cho one and delet­ed it because it got too big 😛

    Queue — not seen. You just had to men­tion Ground­hog Day again, didn’t ya? 😀


  • Dot­tie


  • Dev

    Cool sto­ry Mahen­dra! Wan­na write a screen­play with me 😉

  • i now need to watch the queue.
    i also like Quo Vadis a lot — especail­ly the director’s cut that was relesed about 15 years ago. if you can block out tony cur­tis talk in his amer­i­can accent then the movie is bril­liant.