• Mahendra

    Something must be wrong with me because somehow when I see a horror film, I find myself laughing uncontrollably. :-/ Most horror films – including Psycho – strike me as being irrational, ludicrous and therefore funny.

    Of the rest, I have seen Pyaasa, The Pianist and Philadelphia (about which we have had a conversation here before). In hindsight, The Pianist strikes me as laboured and very stylised whereas whatever appreciation I had for Pyaasa has been diminished over the years (I must have seen the film when I was 13 or 14, and the film was on Doordarshan) because I am increasingly unable to accept the highhandedness of self-proclaimed artistes who think their ‘art’ is worth a lot more than it may be. The market does not have to put a price on everything but somewhere I see the whole thing as extremely selfish and exploitative (by the artiste, of his/ her family and friends). I find artist-y angst self-indulgent and wasteful. Mala Sinha’s character was distinctly amoral possibly to draw a contrast with Waheeda Rahman’s character possibly amplified thanks to the off-screen relationship between her and Mr Dutt at the time. That in real life too, Guru Dutt was exploitative of the women he knew and claimed to love, does nothing to redeem the film in my eyes. :-/ All this despite my liking for slice-of-life films.

    Now as mindless entertainment goes, Pulp Fiction is my absolute favourite. Pather Panchali is on my list and I have not, sorry to say, seen any of the other films. 🙁

  • Dev

    Oh man..I cannot watch Horror films for the simple reason that I get scared..forget about finding them ridiculous and all, I simply dont have the balls to watch them..period..lol. Can you imagine that I havent even watched my God’s (Kubrick) Shining for that reason? I have watched every other Kubrick film atleast three times if not more, but could not bring myself to watch this one..because I know Kubrick does everything better than the others..so when he decides to scare you, it must be too real and scary..:)
    It was incredible how Ray made Pather Panchali without any experience before, not even a short film..he continues to inspire all budding filmmakers..
    Talking of David Lean’s Passage to India, that’s my least favorite Lean film because I thought the characterization of Indians in the film was too stereotypes and not up to the mark. I read somewhere that, in closet, Lean considered Indians not very good actors; the reason why one of the main characters, Godbole, was actually British.
    Finally, Guru Dutt was a very good technical filmmaker..considering the times and limited resources Indian filmmakers had at that time..
    In terms of his fatalistic sensibilities, well lot of Indian filmmakers were like that during that era..I always believe that Cinema, like everything else, is a product of times..
    I still think Pyaasa was a good film overall and it had some birlliant poetry of Sahir Ludhianvi.. even the ending of Pyaasa was much more positive and hopeful compared to Gur Dutt’s some other darker films..

  • Mahendra, Psycho has nothing on Powell’s Peeping Tom when it comes to “fear of being killed by a madman” – and how!!

  • since a while now, my visits here make me realise I have been missing such a lot.. i am waiting you to reach z so that i can stop feeling so left out. 🙂

  • Wow! Nice going Mahendra! Totally like the series you are on. 🙂

    Sorry, I’ve been outa the blog hops for a bit now.

  • Thanks, Rads! I’ve been following your fables on Twitter. The hundreds of comments on your blog posts make me reluctant to add another meaningless comment!

    No blog hopping? No tunneling thru? 🙂

  • I do not like horror but I have seen Psycho as it was a kind of classic which I had to see. I was fascinated although I suffered too! 🙂 I loved Pushpak. One of my favourite films! And Pyasa too.

  • Anand

    Psycho, Pulp Fiction, Pyaasa, Philadelphia – all great movies.

    Some of my American friends wanted to see an Indian movie. So I organized a movie night at my place and showed them Pushpak. 5 mins into the movie, one of them asked me if there were going to be any dialogs 🙂

  • Mahindra, have you seen the other two movies from The Apu Trilogy? Pather Panchali is a classic- no doubt. I enjoyed the movie even more because I can read, write and speak in Bangla 🙂 I had the pleasure of enjoying the dialogues and emotions even more because Bangla is a very sweet language. One of the few gems that I own in my personal collection 😉

  • What about Shantarams Pinjra?
    i do think it is worth a look