• Mahen­dra

    Some­thing must be wrong with me because some­how when I see a hor­ror film, I find myself laugh­ing uncon­trol­lably. :-/ Most hor­ror films — includ­ing Psy­cho — strike me as being irra­tional, ludi­crous and there­fore fun­ny.

    Of the rest, I have seen Pyaasa, The Pianist and Philadel­phia (about which we have had a con­ver­sa­tion here before). In hind­sight, The Pianist strikes me as laboured and very stylised where­as what­ev­er appre­ci­a­tion I had for Pyaasa has been dimin­ished over the years (I must have seen the film when I was 13 or 14, and the film was on Door­dar­shan) because I am increas­ing­ly unable to accept the high­hand­ed­ness of self-pro­claimed artistes who think their ‘art’ is worth a lot more than it may be. The mar­ket does not have to put a price on every­thing but some­where I see the whole thing as extreme­ly self­ish and exploita­tive (by the artiste, of his/ her fam­i­ly and friends). I find artist-y angst self-indul­gent and waste­ful. Mala Sinha’s char­ac­ter was dis­tinct­ly amoral pos­si­bly to draw a con­trast with Wahee­da Rahman’s char­ac­ter pos­si­bly ampli­fied thanks to the off-screen rela­tion­ship between her and Mr Dutt at the time. That in real life too, Guru Dutt was exploita­tive of the women he knew and claimed to love, does noth­ing to redeem the film in my eyes. :-/ All this despite my lik­ing for slice-of-life films.

    Now as mind­less enter­tain­ment goes, Pulp Fic­tion is my absolute favourite. Pather Pan­chali is on my list and I have not, sor­ry to say, seen any of the oth­er films. 🙁

  • Dev

    Oh man..I can­not watch Hor­ror films for the sim­ple rea­son that I get scared..forget about find­ing them ridicu­lous and all, I sim­ply dont have the balls to watch them..period..lol. Can you imag­ine that I havent even watched my God’s (Kubrick) Shin­ing for that rea­son? I have watched every oth­er Kubrick film atleast three times if not more, but could not bring myself to watch this one..because I know Kubrick does every­thing bet­ter than the others..so when he decides to scare you, it must be too real and scary..:)
    It was incred­i­ble how Ray made Pather Pan­chali with­out any expe­ri­ence before, not even a short film..he con­tin­ues to inspire all bud­ding film­mak­ers..
    Talk­ing of David Lean’s Pas­sage to India, that’s my least favorite Lean film because I thought the char­ac­ter­i­za­tion of Indi­ans in the film was too stereo­types and not up to the mark. I read some­where that, in clos­et, Lean con­sid­ered Indi­ans not very good actors; the rea­son why one of the main char­ac­ters, God­bole, was actu­al­ly British.
    Final­ly, Guru Dutt was a very good tech­ni­cal filmmaker..considering the times and lim­it­ed resources Indi­an film­mak­ers had at that time..
    In terms of his fatal­is­tic sen­si­bil­i­ties, well lot of Indi­an film­mak­ers were like that dur­ing that era..I always believe that Cin­e­ma, like every­thing else, is a prod­uct of times..
    I still think Pyaasa was a good film over­all and it had some bir­l­liant poet­ry of Sahir Lud­hi­an­vi.. even the end­ing of Pyaasa was much more pos­i­tive and hope­ful com­pared to Gur Dutt’s some oth­er dark­er films..

  • Mahen­dra, Psy­cho has noth­ing on Powell’s Peep­ing Tom when it comes to “fear of being killed by a mad­man” — and how!!

  • since a while now, my vis­its here make me realise I have been miss­ing such a lot.. i am wait­ing you to reach z so that i can stop feel­ing so left out. 🙂

  • Wow! Nice going Mahen­dra! Total­ly like the series you are on. 🙂

    Sor­ry, I’ve been outa the blog hops for a bit now.

  • Thanks, Rads! I’ve been fol­low­ing your fables on Twit­ter. The hun­dreds of com­ments on your blog posts make me reluc­tant to add anoth­er mean­ing­less com­ment!

    No blog hop­ping? No tun­nel­ing thru? 🙂

  • I do not like hor­ror but I have seen Psy­cho as it was a kind of clas­sic which I had to see. I was fas­ci­nat­ed although I suf­fered too! 🙂 I loved Push­pak. One of my favourite films! And Pyasa too.

  • Anand

    Psy­cho, Pulp Fic­tion, Pyaasa, Philadel­phia — all great movies.

    Some of my Amer­i­can friends want­ed to see an Indi­an movie. So I orga­nized a movie night at my place and showed them Push­pak. 5 mins into the movie, one of them asked me if there were going to be any dialogs 🙂

  • Mahin­dra, have you seen the oth­er two movies from The Apu Tril­o­gy? Pather Pan­chali is a clas­sic- no doubt. I enjoyed the movie even more because I can read, write and speak in Bangla 🙂 I had the plea­sure of enjoy­ing the dia­logues and emo­tions even more because Bangla is a very sweet lan­guage. One of the few gems that I own in my per­son­al col­lec­tion 😉

  • What about Shan­tarams Pin­jra?
    i do think it is worth a look