Dark Ages at the Renaissance Center, Detroit

Yesterday’s news about GM cut­ting 21,000 more jobs and killing the Pon­ti­ac brand evoked nos­tal­gia and some mixed feel­ings. So this is a pho­to-sequel to my almost two year old post about life in Detroit.

Detroit Renaissance Center 3

Detroit Renaissance Center 1

Detroit Renaissance Center Superbowl 1


Detroit RenCen

For two years, I lived, worked, breathed, ate, and slept in the shad­ow of this land­mark. Gen­er­al Motors World Head­quar­ters, the Renais­sance Cen­ter, affec­tion­ate­ly known as ‘Ren­Cen’. Ren­Cen is one of the world’s largest office com­plex­es, total­ing 5,500,000 square feet. It is so con­fus­ing inside for new­com­ers, that I had made a Pow­er­Point pre­sen­ta­tion for guid­ing our new team mem­bers.

The red mono­rail is the ‘Peo­ple Mover’ – a pub­lic trans­port sys­tem in down­town ‘World Auto Cap­i­tal’ Detroit.




Detroit PeopleMover          Moon over Detroit      Detroit Downtown

These are views from my apart­ment win­dow.

Detroit Hard Rock Cafe   Detroit Parking Lot   Christmas Tree

A few snaps of Detroit down­town at night. Just like the dark­ness of the night, and unlike the men of the Renais­sance Era who brought the light of rea­son in our lives, GM’s Ren­cen is head­ed back to the Dark Ages.

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  • Great pics. I won­der if Detroit will sur­vive this, or will Mr Tata buy it off.…

  • 050, Mahen­dra, 020, 030 and 010.

    Also, I like Hard Rock Cafe. 🙂 Unsus­tain­able com­pa­nies have to go, we can’t afford to waste mon­ey prop­ping them up for pop­ulist rea­sons.

  • I didn’t know that you have worked at Detroit for a good amount of time.

    Those are some impres­sive look­ing sky­scrap­ers!

  • You seem to have trav­eled a lot Mahen­dra and had an inter­est­ing life! Pune is where you have homed in now final­ly and that is the right choice! So hey trav­el­er, restau­rant own­er, writer, blog­ger, would-be tabla play­er, you are on the right path! 🙂

  • THose night shots of Detroit were beau­ti­ful.

    And Nita says, you are a restau­rant own­er?

  • Oh, thanks for the nice-sound­ing adjec­tives that make me feel as if I’m a spe­cial per­son! How­ev­er, I always like to remind myself that I’m just play­ing with peb­bles on the beach…:-)

    As I men­tioned ear­li­er to Priyank, I’ve no plans of play­ing the tabla. I hope I’ll learn the key­board, after I’m able to start learn­ing it in the pres­ence of my 2-yr old, who’s as crazy about music as me!

  • Mahen­dra

    Unless the $ 3T bud­get can be expand­ed fur­ther to finance the build­ing of a pub­lic trans­port infra­struc­ture, the huge size of Amer­i­ca means that Amer­i­cans will always dri­ve cars. No option but that Detroit cleans up (pun intend­ed) its act. Tes­la can hard­ly pro­vide all of Amer­i­ca with cars. :-/ (Yes I know they have a choice of Japan­ese and a small­er num­ber of Euro­pean mar­ques but they will have mil­lions unem­ployed too.)

  • Mem­o­ries! Where were you in Detroit? We were in Auburn Hills for a cou­ple years ’02-’05 🙂

    Won­der­ful shots!


  • Detroit is an inter­est­ing case
    for years they have been sup­port­ed by govts indi­rect largess like tax­ing import­ed cars etc
    — mon­sters esp GM and Chrysler pro­duc­ing cars that peo­ple dont want to buy
    They have to go bank­rupt! because no one wants to accept cut­backs or restruc­tur­ing
    Its an unholy mix of polit­i­cal patron­age and pro­tec­tion­ism, big pay ceos and hard bar­gain­ing UAW.

    Chrysler is already declar­ing bank­rupt­cy , and tying up with the giant fiat. Whats ur opin­ion?

    BTW these are love­ly pic­tures