Apartment Building Gate Sign in Pune, India


Apt Bldg Sign

“Bachelors & Foreigners As Tenants Not Allowed”

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  • Funny. That would be illegal in the US, but who wants partying rowdies from abroad 😀 ?

  • Several residential apartments are also adopting ‘vegetarians only’ policies too. I don’t know if its good or bad, but if the housing society is run by a board, it must have a right to decide what it wants and what it doesn’t.

  • Priyank:

    I have experienced ‘vegetarians only’ first-hand in Bangalore where my real yet unarticulated-by-landlords ‘sin’ was being a North Indian girl. :-/


    If this ever happened to ‘us’ (meaning Indians) abroad, we would be very quick to label people racists, won’t we?

    I believe Indians are the most racist people on earth.

  • Somehow, reminds me of a bit that I read a long time ago”

    The sign in the cafe, when I entered, said that it reserved the right to refuse service to anyone.

    You reserve the right to do absolutely anything you want to do, I thought. Why put up signs to say so? Makes you look frightened. Why are you frightened? Rowdies come in here, break things up? Organized-criminals? In this little cafe?

    ~ Richard Bach, in The Bridge across forever.

  • I’ve come late to this post! 🙁
    Well, that is a very interesting sign Mahendra, and not at all surprising! And I am sure it’s illegal in India too, but who will go to court? Bachelors and foreigners? Unlikely! 🙂
    And the vegetarian only policy is common in many post areas of Mumbai where Jains live.

  • I am not surprised.People in this building are honest and have mentioned it. It is an unsaid rule in many buildings.

  • This is in Pune??! Where?!

    Came here on Nita’s recommendation to see your take on movies – Marathi & otherwise. But couldn’t help noticing this before I got to any post 🙂 Well amusing as it could be, it’s definitely not pleasant.

    You find such specimen everywhere, but I’m more disturbed that this is in a place as cosmopolitan and accepting as Pune. Couldn’t they just say they’re not renting out if a bachelor or “foreigner” came in?


  • I’ve seen such boards in Pune in localities that have a lot of college students. Most places in Pune refused to have me as a tenant because I was a teenager and because I would “corrupt” the building by allowing guys. I took residence in a PG filled with girls. Some people in our building labeled us as “dhanda wali” women, believe it or not. Our landlord didn’t have a good reputation and everyone thought that he’s running a racket. I was so embarrassed and upset when I got to know about this.

  • Forgot to add- I’ve also witnessed some waiters really posh restaurants in Koregaon Park treating foreigners like dirt. They made it a point to “ignore” the foreigners- didn’t serve water, ignored menu card requests etc. I saw a couple empty their seats in a huff.

  • interesting flow of comments

  • \yeah thats like Pune too….by th way just saw the films memes – have lotsa vacation reading to do at your site apparently. A Beautiful Mind had touched me too – had my students all of them watch it.
    thanks for those film posts – urs are always enjoyable.