Web Graveyard Update

I had recently mooted the concept of WebGraveyard.com, where your presence in the online world will forever be preserved, including your social networking profiles, blogs, etc.

If anyone is yet not convinced this is a great idea, check out Online-Funeral.

Online Funeral allows mourners to participate in the funeral ceremony via the Internet, and if their appointment book doesn’t have a free slot at that time, allows them to see the videos later, or even order CDs.

‘Virtual Tributes’ are nothing but a simple signing of a Guest Book. In contrast, our plan is to offer virtual memorials – full 3D replicas of what’s offered on Memorials.com.

Compared to our WebGraveyard.com, this is peanuts! There is no integration of the deceased person’s online life. In fact, Online Funeral just looks like a simple widget that we can add to WebGraveyard, no?

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  • Anonymous


    I have been following your blog for a while and it is definitely entertaining. For the sake of my privacy and concern for those around me I am leaving behind an anonymous comment.

    I thought that Web Graveyard is a really good idea. As social networks etc. spread into common life, it would be worthwhile to let people know about ones demise.

    However, I have a totally opposing view of life which I will explain below. You can treat it as a feature request.

    I don’t flatter myself by thinking that people are actually going to care once I die (for a few days sure, but after a while – NO way). However, it would be important to inform them about it. So I would like a service which would send an email to everyone in my address book, send everyone an SMS from my phone, change my status on various social networks etc. and then eventually delete all the information and close all the accounts.

    At the moment, I have a list of accounts and passwords pinned to my will and instructions for my sister on how to do all this manually.

    I like in the Hindu way of cremating and not leaving behind anything. I don’t want to leave behind a digital footprint either.


  • This is just an ongoing testamony to how life and death has changed becasue of the internet.

    I know my life is forever changed.

  • Nice blog post, a good read, i’ll be bookmarking this.