• This is so true!

    I think if India start­ed enforc­ing laws against lit­ter­ing, then peo­ple will become more respon­si­ble. We know that if we lit­ter in a devel­oped coun­try there would be a hefty fine to pay, which acts as a mighty deter­rent.

    If peo­ple lack civic sense, then it has to be enforced, i would say.

  • Hey that’s a great sign you caught! Where was it? At least it will make the NRI’s feel guilty! 🙂

  • It fas­ci­nates me how some val­ues seem to be becom­ing more com­mon through out the world as our soci­eties come togeth­er.

  • Mahen­dra, I don’t under­stand this mes­sage. It sounds cute and gos­sip-able, but who are we kid­ding? It’s not a prob­lem of lit­ter­ing, its the ‘not-my-job’ atti­tude we have for most oth­er things.

    It should rather say some­thing like “Think of the city as your home, do you lit­ter in your house?”

  • Great exhor­ta­tion! 🙂

  • Mahen­dra

    I was in Pune briefly for a day in Jan­u­ary. The city is more clean than most oth­er cities I vis­it­ed on the trip. The dri­ver told me that the stretch from the air­port to Le Meri­di­en is excep­tion­al but lat­er we went to Tata Motors also and then left the city by the express­way and with a few excep­tions, Pune was more order­ly than most oth­er cities.

    The sign either works or is redun­dant 🙂

  • Priyank, as Mahen­dra said that is not what I meant. As for the sign, I think the sign is a clear mes­sage. It is not just talk­ing to NRI’s because today most Indi­ans have vis­it­ed for­eign coun­tries so it applies to every­one. In fact in one his speech­es the ex pres­i­dent Kalam had men­tioned this very fact. That Indi­ans when they go abroad do not lit­ter, but they lit­ter in their own coun­try.

    She­faly, yeah Pune is clean­er than many Indi­an cities but there are beau­ti­fi­ca­tion dri­ves off and one. And I think there are a few peo­ple like you who are very con­scious about not to lit­ter but they are few and far between! And I am not talk­ing of just NRI’s but amongst the gen­er­al pop­u­la­tion.