Classifying a Blog’s Writing Style

How much can Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence learn from your writ­ing? Your gen­der? Your MBTI per­son­al­i­ty type? Can some­one find out such things about you from your writ­ing?

uClas­si­fy is a free text clas­si­fi­er web ser­vice, using which you can devel­op your own text clas­si­fiers. Sev­er­al have been devel­oped already, the most pop­u­lar being Gen­der­An­a­lyz­er and Typealyz­er.

Gender Analyzer

Gen­der­An­a­lyz­er tries to guess the gen­der of the author. From over 6000+ votes on the site, it appears to have cor­rect­ly guessed the gen­der 58% of the time. An Unqui­et Mind’s home­page rat­ed almost gen­der neu­tral:


Since these ser­vices do not crawl web pages, they only use the page you spec­i­fy as their input. So, to get more cred­i­ble results, use larg­er sources for input. An easy way to do this with your Word­Press blogs is to spec­i­fy your favorite tag/category URL. So since a lot of my posts have the ‘India’ tag, giv­ing gave a lot more con­tent to ana­lyze, and hence came up with a more accu­rate assess­ment.


Typealyz­er takes the text from a URL you spec­i­fy and clas­si­fies it accord­ing to MBTI per­son­al­i­ty types. It can be fun! Here are An Unqui­et Mind’s results:

Personality Type


It is impor­tant to remem­ber that this pur­ports to clas­si­fy the writ­ing style of the author, not the author’s per­son­al­i­ty type (ignore the mar­ket­ing byline). Thus, even if my per­son­al­i­ty type is iNTJ, my writ­ing style is iNTP.



This is a clas­si­fi­ca­tion based on Carl Jung’s arche­types.

Love Type


Sport Type


I guess the above two are for those who want to date or make friends with oth­er blog­gers!

Some of the oth­er clas­si­fiers at uClas­si­fy are inter­est­ing too – find out the mood of the writer, the tonal­i­ty (formal/informal) of the writ­ing, sim­i­lar­i­ty with authors of famous clas­sics, etc.

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  • thats prob because u don’t talk about soft toys, shop­ping, sob stores, rela­tion­ships, and oth­er mean­ing­less pur­suit.

  • Wth is this gen­der ana­lyz­er thing! pfft.. You won’t believe some peo­ple have told me to change my web­site col­or scheme because it looks fem­i­nine. But any­way, do you know how the thing works? Does it have a list of ‘male’ top­ics and ‘female’ top­ics, or per­haps it sim­ply looks for pro­noun ref­er­ences. 🙂

    Rest of the results were very inter­est­ing!

  • I found this very inter­est­ing Mahen­dra. I did the test and the web page guessed that I was a woman but I won­der if they took the url words into account as my url has nita in it! And the oth­er type ana­lyz­er came up with dif­fer­ent results when I typed in two dif­fer­ent tags!

  • 🙂 had a lot of fun with this. it said diff things with diff set of options, how­ev­er with the Arche­type clas­si­fi­er, it uni­ver­sal­ly said “sta­bilis­er” for both my OS and WP blog which made me smile.
    my writ­ing style doesn’t reflect my per­son­al­i­ty aparent­ly…

  • i lll ive it a try soon seems inter­est­ing, let s c