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Many blog­ger friends have tagged me for var­i­ous memes while I was in hia­tus. I will endeav­or to take up those tags faith­ful­ly. One issue is that every­one I know in the blo­gos­phere has already been tagged leav­ing me with no oth­er option than to revert to a “Com­ment and Self-Tag” pol­i­cy. Find­ing untagged blog­gers will fur­ther delay my tak­ing up the tag! So feel free to leave a com­ment and take up the tag if you wish.

Rolling has tagged me for the pho­to tag: post the sixth pic­ture from the sixth fold­er in my pic­tures fold­er, and write about the his­to­ry behind the pho­to. My sixth fold­er is my Per­son­al fold­er, and here’s the sixth pic­ture:

Mom Monochrome

This is my moth­er. This pho­to­graph was tak­en around 1960 – almost half a cen­tu­ry back.

Such artis­tic por­trait pho­tog­ra­phy was quite rare in that era in India, espe­cial­ly among the mid­dle income pop­u­la­tion. A rel­a­tive on my father’s side called Mr. Tambe was from the upper stra­ta, and had his own pri­vate stu­dio. He invit­ed my moth­er for a few ses­sions imme­di­ate­ly after my par­ents were mar­ried. The result: a set of beau­ti­ful mono­chrome pho­tographs of my moth­er – sev­er­al with large prints. Here’s anoth­er:

Mom Profile

Inci­den­tal­ly, I was recent­ly remind­ed of these pho­tographs when look­ing at Priyank’s pho­to of his mom. There is one print which I have sketched in pen­cil and fea­tured on my blog before if you’d like to take a look.

Thanks for the tag, Rolling!

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  • Hi Mahen­dra,

    I remem­ber your pre­vi­ous post on sketch­es. These pho­tographs are beau­ti­ful indeed. She looks very reflec­tive in the first one, lost in her thoughts. I won­der if it was her state of mind at the time of shoot­ing or just a made up expres­sion. I don’t know why black n white pic­tures evoke such strong feel­ings.

    cheers, Priyank

  • I saw your sketch­es and had to come here to write how won­der­ful they are.

    Your mother’s pic­tures are beau­ti­ful too, anoth­er sketch is inspired kya 😉

  • It is rather fun­ny that I used to hate B&W pics when I was a kid, and now I find them so immense­ly attrac­tive. Great pics, with a lot of depth and char­ac­ter!
    Your vis­its to my blogs are get­ting to be enjoy­able again, so keep at it!

  • Hi Mahen­dra, that is a love­ly pic­ture, makes me miss my mom.
    Your Mom is gor­geous, — so much dig­ni­ty and composure…I think all women in that age were so beau­ti­ful. Is it because of their brand of mod­esty? There is some­thing about them, their expres­sions that I cant quite put my fin­ger on, that haunts me.
    wish I were a bit like those strong women.
    Thanks for doing the tag.

  • Me too thought of my mom’s sim­i­lar black and white pic­ture when I saw this one. There was some­thing unique about the way the oldies clicked their pho­tos, most­ly in a pho­to stu­dio. And there is some­thing very stark­ly charm­ing when it comes to black and white por­traits.

  • Dont know why but the pho­to some­how reminds me of the my aunts pho­to which i think is quite sim­i­lar, in many aspects.