Adding My Restaurant in Google Maps

For fun, I decided to add my restau­rant in Google Maps. I found out there were two things I could do – add it as a Local Busi­ness via Google Maps, or use Google Mapmaker.

Adding Local Busi­ness to Google Maps

After log­ging in to my Google Account, Google Maps let me add a busi­ness list­ing from the left side­bar itself.

Add Google Local Business Listing

I could cor­rect the loca­tion marker posi­tion eas­ily by drag­ging it on the map. After enter­ing all the rel­e­vant details like con­tact infor­ma­tion, restau­rant details, etc., I am done. Now comes the funny part – how does Google ver­ify that I am indeed the owner of this business?

Google Local Business Center Validation

Never in my wildest dreams did I imag­ine that Google – the sym­bol of our high-tech age, the epit­ome of cloud com­put­ing – will send me a post­card via snail mail! I get a radio but­ton (option but­ton) but there’s no other way to choose. Can’t they ver­ify sim­ply by call­ing up on the tele­phone num­bers I’ve provided?!

Google Local Business Listing

So now, I’ve to wait for “2–3 weeks”, and after receiv­ing the PIN via snail mail, I get to ver­ify and add my list­ing. I remem­ber the last time I had to reg­is­ter for Inter­net Bank­ing after open­ing a bank account in India!

Curi­ously, there’s a nice lit­tle fea­ture that’s not promi­nent while using the Local Busi­ness Cen­ter site – Coupons! Coupons are not as pop­u­lar in India as in the US, but because of the boom­ing IT sec­tor and entry of multi­na­tional (read Amer­i­can) pizza-majors, they’re gain­ing wide­spread even if lim­ited use. Using Google’s Coupons, you can add a few lines of text, set an expi­ra­tion date, and you’re good to go. Neat stuff.

Google Local Business Coupons

Adding to Google Mapmaker

Adding to Google Map­maker is sim­pler. Google Map­maker seems to have a Wikipedian con­tent author­ing and mod­er­at­ing system.

Hotel Yash in Google Mapmaker

After adding all the details, I now await for the mod­er­a­tor to approve my entry. Phew, no snail mail this time!

Now, I won­der if there is any­thing like Google Ana­lyt­ics to find out how many ‘hits’ my restau­rant had on Google Maps – that would really be an inter­est­ing proposition…

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  • Final_Transit

    Hey, Mahen­dra, how else could Google ver­ify the authen­tic­ity of the address you spec­i­fied??
    But con­grats, soon you’ll be ‘up there’!

  • Rolling

    You are a restau­ran­ter? . Would never have guessed since this is not Amer­ica, good to have you back, had missed you. Lot of things inter­est me here, now am of to school, wd come home and read and com­ment. In the mean­while keep in touch if you would.

    I am not a writer or reformer, don’t write ‘intel’ stuff but I write about me, my life and basi­cally the point is to con­nect with friends — my way of social­is­ing — so do drop in and talk to me when you can. Twd be nice.

  • Nita

    Well though I have a map saved on my pc of your restau­rant, now I know that if my pc crashes I can check it out on google maps!

  • amreekan­desi

    Just dis­cov­ered that you are back writ­ing. Pleas­ant surprise!

    Would love to visit your restau­rant next time i am in Pune!

  • Mahen­dra

    Thanks, Priyank!

    Google says the ver­i­fi­ca­tion can be done by Phone, SMS, or as a last resort, by post­card. And it’s not an India or non-US issue as this blog­ger reg­is­ter­ing an Indian address shows.

  • Mahen­dra

    Nei­ther am I a writer nor a reformer! I like sim­ple hon­est writ­ing. Will surely be in touch!

  • Mahen­dra

    Good.…but the mil­lion dol­lar ques­tion remains — when are you coming? :-)

  • Mahen­dra

    Hi Amreekan­desi, wel­come back and thank you!

    Please do visit and let me know when­ever you’re plan­ning to be in Pune!