Round and Round

Round and round
Men­tal­ly unsound
On shaky ground
Inse­cu­ri­ty abounds

The mind whirls
Emo­tion swirls
Dreams unwind
Des­tiny unkind

One hopes
To elope
But one is bound
To one’s ground

To escape this cage
Needs an adage
No need to cry
One is born to fly

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  • Born to fly…these words seem to be entrenched in your heart. I like the pos­i­tive note at the end of the poem.

  • Thanks! I think Jonathan Liv­ingston Seag­ull might have some­thing to do with it. Though I don’t own the book, it had an impact when I’d read it long time back…:-)

  • //One hopes
    To elope
    But one is bound
    To one’s ground//
    ‘Rahiye ab aisi jagah chal kar jahan koi na ho,
    Hum­sa­far koi na ho aur hum­ja­ban koi na ho’.

  • Wah, wah! Kyaa baat hai!

  • I loved the last stan­za. Oh and wel­come to the fly­ing club Mahen­dra 🙂

  • Thanks, Priyank! 🙂

  • Cool poem..hope amidst con­fu­sion 🙂

  • I think this is a very good poem, Mahen­dra. The rhythm, the sounds, the mean­ing are woven togeth­er mas­ter­ful­ly.

    BTW, I miss you.

  • Just a note to let you know I am still here, and read­ing. Look for­ward to read­ing your next one Mahen­dra.

  • Desh: Thanks!

    Paul: Thanks for the kind words. Gimme some time to get round to reg­u­lar blog­ging and com­ment­ing again. I too have missed you and am look­ing for­ward to resum­ing spend­ing time on your blog…

    Aika­ter­ine: It gives me great hap­pi­ness to know that you’re back. Hope you’re doing fine. More lat­er.

  • A sweet, rather melan­cholic poem. Did you mean the soul’s pas­sage as you men­tioned ‘born to fly’?

  • Nice blog you have here 🙂 First time here.
    I had my own inter­pre­ta­tions of the poem (alright, who does­nt)
    Blog rolling you.

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