Personality vs. Character

Per­son­al­i­ty is like a rose
Every­one likes it
It attracts for a cou­ple of days
And is then thrown away

Char­ac­ter is like chloro­phyll
Not many know about it
It’s not vis­i­ble
But it sus­tains life on earth.

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  • Inter­est­ing anal­o­gy Mahen­dra, didn’t look at it that way before.

  • Great thought Mahen­dra!

  • Mahen­dra: Here is a thought for you.

    They say, “char­ac­ter is what you are in the dark, when nobody is look­ing”.

    And chloro­phyll needs light to be use­ful and do its job of sus­tain­ing life.

    How do we rec­on­cile these two?

    PS This is what hap­pens when a sim­i­le is read with the lens of a metaphor 🙂

  • Nita, Pre­rna: Thanks!

    She­faly: The thing is, even if chloro­phyll needs light, it itself works in the dark, just like Char­ac­ter! 😉

  • 🙂 u got me think­ing

  • trisha

    or you could think of per­son­al­i­ty as the tip of the ice­berg, the vis­i­ble 20 per­c­nt of char­ac­ter which forms the under­ly­ing base and the vital 80 p.c. that sus­tains per­son­al­i­ty 🙂

  • trisha

    when smth­ng changes or starts ging bad abt the chloro­phyll with­in, the leaves change colour too…personality cd be the out­ward man­i­fes­ta­tion of whats with­in? the con­vic­tions, the his­to­ry of cred­i­bilty one builds up etc? just an idea…and u made me think

  • Very wise words indeed… so sim­ple and direct, yet most­ly ignored.

  • Enre­al: thank you!

  • Fran­cis Gama

    A bril­liant anal­o­gy — com­par­ing chloro­phyll with char­ac­ter and the com­ment that chloro­phyll itself works in the dark. This is some food for thought. Thanks

  • kris