Recycle Being

I am
Therefore I breathe
I am
Therefore  I live

To live or not
That is the question
To breathe or not
That is the dilemma

Moments of panic
That are tragic
I am lethargic
There’s need of some magic

To be stable

I am hurt
But I won’t be curt
The situation does hurt
Who’ll clean up the dirt?

I will try
Not to cry
It’s about time
For me to fly

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  • Very poignant Mahendra.
    Yep, it’s time for you to fly!!

  • Welcome back and fly you will!

  • ‘Layee hayaat aaye kaza le chali chale,
    apni khushi na aye the, na apni khushi chale’
    Very touching Mahendra.Welcome back.

  • Welcome back Mahendra
    and on to the flying club 😉

  • Welcome back! It has been a long wait

  • never underestimate the results in the knowledge of “its time to fly”.

  • trisha

    hi I love this poem of urs(and ur film reviews too),and I come back here to read it often, since I cant take it back wth me,am linking it at my space hope thts ok wth you?am a new blogger, so am not very familiar wth blogging etqte.if am tresspassng,let me know, wd detach immdtly. thx

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  • Thanks all for the feedback!

    Nita, Shefaly, Priyank, Arun: I’m glad the poem ‘reached’ you.

    Barngoddess: Very true. Your words are actually quite inspirational.

    Prerna: Kyaa baat hai! Waah!

    Trisha: No problems. You can link to my posts as long as you like, provided you keep acknowledging the credits.

  • Marija

    I was touched!

  • Marija: Thank you.