Resuming Soon…

This blog has been inac­tive and dor­mant for quite some time due to per­son­al rea­sons. I hope to resume in a week or two. Thanks for all the com­ments and patience. And a very hap­py new year to all my read­ers!

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  • this is good news mahen­dra. a lot of peo­ple have been miss­ing you. you were a good pro­lif­ic blog­ger and some of the con­ver­sa­tions on your blog have been inter­est­ing.
    best of luck.

  • Hap­py New Year, Mahen­dra. And wel­come back. We have all wait­ed for you to resume. 🙂

  • nice to c u after a long time

  • aao thakur !

    wel­come back. Let it rip.

  • Still wait­ing for a post Mahen­dra!

  • Yay, Mahen­dra! I’m look­ing for­ward to some good read­ing. I’m writ­ing most­ly about my dreams and poet­ry these days, which you might not find too inter­est­ing, but I still hope to con­tin­ue our exchange of ideas.

  • At last. Wel­come back

  • ah final­ly some­thing from u.…:-)

    cool hny to u too

  • Dear all, thank you very much. It is my priv­i­lege to have such good friends in the blo­gos­phere.

    Thanks again!