• That’s really beautiful…

  • Sunil

    Very nice.
    Reminded me of a another one on tear –
    “Aankh mein jo aasoon hain, aasoon hain,
    Kaun iska Saani hain,
    Ruk gayaa to Moti hain, moti hain,
    Bah gayaan to paani hain.”

  • Very very beautiful.

    Voracious Blog Reader

  • beautiful!

  • Nice. Some absurd possibilities though

    1) Eye-Damage
    If I were a tear in your eyes
    you should go meet an opthalmologist
    If you were a tear in my eyes
    I will sue the hell out of you

    2) Slippery
    If I were a tyre in your ice
    I would pray to lady friction to save me
    If you were a tyre in my ice
    I hope your brakes work well for you

  • Very good, Ashok. Try this:

    “If I were a tear in your panteyes
    I would lie on your cheeks and die on your hips;
    But if you were a tyre in my belleye
    I’d never starve in fear of losing you.”

    Sorry, Mahendra. Delete if you feel offended.

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  • Touchy one! May I use this poem – in the poem corner of my blog>?

  • bbZuSh, VBR, Arun: Thank you!

    Sunil: That was beautiful too. Thanks for sharing!

    Ashok, Rambodoc: I can count on you to bring hilarity in the most absurd and creative ways! No offense…:-)

    Sowmya: Sure, feel free. Thanks for appreciating!