Weekend Flea Market 13-Oct-07

The Fri­day Flea Mar­ket is now open all week­end! An assort­ment of stuff I came across in cyber­space, offered sec­ond hand, for any­one who may be inter­est­ed.

  • Wired Mag­a­zine has a very inter­est­ing arti­cle on how racial pro­fil­ing can be used in foren­sics with great suc­cess. The Incon­ve­nient Sci­ence of Racial DNA Pro­fil­ing also explains how this con­tro­ver­sial tech­nol­o­gy rais­es uncom­fort­able eth­i­cal ques­tions.
  • Dr. Deb talks about a con­tro­ver­sial ad in Italy that aims to increase aware­ness of Anorex­ia, while clar­i­fy­ing that Anorex­ia has a high­er mor­tal­i­ty rate than depres­sion.
  • Final­ly, three years after the dev­as­tat­ing tsuna­mi dis­as­ter, India’s tsuna­mi warn­ing sys­tem takes shape.
  • The Icon­o­clast asks a very per­ti­nent ques­tion about whether tele­com com­pa­nies like AT&T should be held respon­si­ble for coop­er­at­ing with the Nation­al Secu­ri­ty Agency (NSA).
  • While you’ve been caught up read­ing on the Nobel awards, don’t miss this year’s igNo­ble awards!
  • Pho­tomi­crog­ra­phy: Fine art pho­tog­ra­phy though a micro­scope. For over 30 years, Nikon has reward­ed the world’s best pho­tomi­cro­g­ra­phers who make crit­i­cal­ly impor­tant sci­en­tif­ic con­tri­bu­tions to life sci­ences, bio-research and mate­ri­als sci­ence. See the stun­ning win­ners of the 2007 com­pe­ti­tion here.
  • Final­ly, Microsoft Research is com­ing to India! Microsoft has tied up with the Indi­an Insti­tute of Sci­ence (IISc) to col­lab­o­rate on research.
  • A new Google Earth lay­er lets you view geo-tagged videos on YouTube. Just imag­ine how trav­el­ogues are going to take this to ele­vate them­selves to the next lev­el.
  • Wikipedia’s mid­dle-age cri­sis: Sad news. Activ­i­ty on Wikipedia seems to be slow­ing down, reports TechCrunch.
  • The Econ­o­mist has a fas­ci­nat­ing arti­cle on how lap dancers earn more tips when they’re most fer­tile in their men­stru­al cycle.

There are few­er items in the flea mar­ket this week­end, because of the increased read­er­ship, inter­est­ing com­ments, and enlight­ened dis­cus­sions on my ear­li­er posts. In short, my blog has kept me busy…:-) Have a good week­end!

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  • Mahen­dra,
    Loved the photos.Am speech­less.
    Thank You.

  • this is a nice com­pendi­um

  • Mahen­dra: On that anorex­ia thread, you may find this inter­est­ing.

    On last count, Face­book has over 36 pro-ana groups, all closed and need approval to join.

    In the US, the com­bined inci­dence of binge eat­ing dis­or­der in the pop­u­la­tion exceeds the total inci­dence of anorex­ia AND bulim­ia… Food for thought? 🙂 I wrote about this on the obe­si­ty blog..

    This is good. I do not have the dis­ci­pline to time-table and do some­thing reg­u­lar­ly 🙁 Shh… Hope­ful­ly no future employ­ers are read­ing this.

  • Mad­huri: Thank you. Would you believe it if I told you that when I saw them myself the first time, I thought of you? I thought “this is some­thing Mad­huri will def­i­nite­ly like”. 🙂

    Ankur: Thank you very much!

    She­faly: My good­ness! Face­book has pro-ana groups! What is the world com­ing to?

    It is so iron­ic that when peo­ple in third-world coun­tries are starv­ing to death, peo­ple in the world’s rich­est and most devel­oped coun­try are starv­ing them­selves…

  • Mahen­dra:

    It is so iron­ic that when peo­ple in third-world coun­tries are starv­ing to death, peo­ple in the world’s rich­est and most devel­oped coun­try are starv­ing them­selves…”

    The dif­fer­ence is in who con­trols that star­va­tion.

  • On Wikipedia:

    I have always been wary of link­ing to Wikipedia. There is just too much ran­dom, unver­i­fied and unver­i­fi­able con­tent; some posts are ran­dom­ly held up for cor­rec­tion; I always sus­pect­ed it but now we all know that there are insti­tu­tion­al inter­ven­tions on con­tent edit­ing.

    A com­mu­ni­ty is only as good or reli­able as its com­po­nents are hon­est or show integri­ty. Wikipedia is suf­fer­ing col­lec­tive­ly at the hands of the same col­lec­tive as cre­at­ed it.