50 Years…

Sput­nik soared
Atlas Shrugged
Mankind roared
Earth unplugged

Start of a space race
What a dis­grace
Amidst all the pace
Who lost their face?

Fifty years
Com­mu­nism shat­tered
Man yearns
His dreams shat­tered

Ayn Rand pub­lished
Rus­sia extin­guished
Galt spoke
The world awoke

Dag­ny Tag­gart
A rail­road at heart
Torn apart
Yet, a work of art

Hank Rear­den
Beneath a bur­den
Refused a par­don
Became a guardian

Act­ed like in a dis­co
His char­ac­ter
Much like a fres­co

John Galt
His life exalts
Like sin­gle malt
Pure gestalt

Yuri Gagarin
In space, rol­lickin’
Williams Suni­ta
Became a Senori­ta

Mir space sta­tion
An unsa­vory des­ti­na­tion
Can man have affec­tion?
Mere words, with trep­i­da­tion

A pale blue dot
In an ordi­nary spot
Homo Sapi­ens
What have they got?

Free­dom? Dic­ta­tor­ship? Democ­ra­cy?
These may be human con­structs
But the dooms­day if Atlas real­ly Shrugged
Is there for all to see

(In com­mem­o­ra­tion of the fifty year anniver­sary of Sputnik’s launch and the pub­li­ca­tion of Atlas Shrugged.)

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