Getting back from a hiatus

Dear read­ers, I’ve been offline for the past few days, savor­ing India’s per­for­mance in the 20–20 World Cup, while attempt­ing to escape the insane noise pol­lu­tion, traf­fic con­ges­tion, and air pol­lu­tion as a result of the Gane­sha Fes­ti­val in Pune.

Please bear with me, while I get my bear­ings in cyber­space again, after an event­ful sequence of days.

At the moment, I’m just glad that both the Ganesh Fes­ti­val, and the crick­et team’s vic­to­ry parade, passed off peace­ful­ly. There were no ter­ror­ist strikes, despite both being good tar­gets, as might be seen by the six bombs found in Mum­bai.

PS: I’ve decid­ed to do away with Tech­no­rati tags now that Word­Press native­ly sup­ports them. And I’m also doing away with those social book­mark­ing icons, since I don’t think any­one real­ly uses them.

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  • hmm. walekom byak.
    PS: You couldn’t be ‘righter’ !

  • well even I was pray­ing for the safe­ty of the team dur­ing that open air bus tour in Mum­bai… seemed liked too ‘open’ a tar­get… take your time… enjoy!!

  • //savoring India’s per­for­mance in the 20–20 World Cup// enjoy while it lasts the Aussies are here!!!!!!!!!

  • Wel­come back. I’m still think­ing about the tags.

  • wel­come back mahen­dra!

  • Thanks, all!

    Bri­an: I was relieved to final­ly get tags in Word­Press. Any­way, Tech­no­rati seems to be on the path to an inevitable decline, so I didn’t have to think much!

  • Wel­come back, Mahen­dra!
    The Nuclear Deal is clearly a nu, good arti­cle. I am unable to do jus­tice to it now, but hope­ful­ly, soon I will read it prop­er­ly.

  • And, of course, the above is because of inter­net prob­lems.

  • Ram­bodoc: no probs, all the best in empow­er­ing your net con­nec­tion! 😉

  • im think­ing of goin on a hia­tus im adict­ed

    on noise i dont know about pune but this yr in mum­bai was real­ly noisy and bad and have just post­ed about it.