Evocative Images from India

I have nev­er post­ed an email for­ward before, but this one was sim­ply too much for me to just let it pass by. I couldn’t resist from shar­ing these with you, my read­ers! (Please see updat­ed cred­its at the end of the post).

It is pho­tographs like these, and Priyank’s, that deter me from a naive ambi­tion of pho­tog­ra­phy. (Priyank’s main Pho­to Gallery link seems to point to his blog at the moment, but if you browse around his site, you’ll find aston­ish­ing pho­tographs. This is apart from his amaz­ing musi­cal skills!) I sim­ply give it up know­ing that I can nev­er be good enough! 🙂

Pho­to Cred­its: All images except the city panora­ma: Steve McCur­ry. You can find these and many more aston­ish­ing pho­tographs on his own site. I am grate­ful to She­faly for con­sci­en­tious­ly pur­su­ing the quest and help­ing me to locate the source. I hope this post con­sti­tutes fair use of this copy­right­ed work, as these are low-res­o­lu­tion pho­tos, used for non-com­mer­cial pur­pose, with attri­bu­tion.

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  • Real­ly superb pic­tures!
    BTW, I know a doc who can treat that hunch­back if she gets a stone or two…
    Priyank, your blog is most­ly off-lim­its these days. Can’t access it.

  • Now where did that com­ment go??

  • Doc, your com­ment was cat­e­go­rized as ‘spam’ by Akismet, appar­ent­ly for no rhyme or rea­son!

    I think you should take Akismet into your cus­tody and teach it a thing or two…er, I mean a com­ment or two!

    BTW, I think I know the Doc­tor who can cure those hunch­backs — I had specif­i­cal­ly linked to this feat of his once before in my post!

  • wow Mahen­dra, thanks for the link and the lav­ish praise! I don’t real­ly deserve it but your words are real­ly encour­ag­ing! 🙂

    hmm Ram­bodoc, …some of the per­ils of own­ing your own domain is that you are left to fix every­thing on your own… thus my pho­to gallery is dys­func­tion­al and so is the blog… hope­ful­ly I’ll fix them by this week­end… 😐 (I’m secret­ly delight­ed that peo­ple notice that the blog is not work­ing 😉 )

  • Me: dude, nice theme
    Mahen­dra: Which one?
    Me: The cur­rent one
    Mah: But I’m chang­ing it every cou­ple of min­utes
    Me: Ah! The dark brown bg with the blog on light brown bg and cen­tre aligned.
    Mah: Why is it good?
    Me: To begin with, it suits your blog per­son­al­i­ty bet­ter. Also.… (Mahen­dra finds the mute but­ton)
    Mah: huh? Whats a ‘blog per­son­al­i­ty’?
    Me: (mute)

  • Hi Priyank, you def­i­nite­ly deserve it…

    Ha ha…see how us mere non-techie mor­tals are bet­ter off with­out our own domain names?! 🙂

    Yes, you caught me chang­ing my themes. I did think the dark brown one suit­ed ‘me’ and my blog bet­ter, but it unfor­tu­nate­ly had a small width and wouldn’t suit some of my ‘techie’ posts. What do oth­ers think? I would love to have feed­back — is this theme bet­ter?

  • Those are beau­ti­ful, excel­lent pho­tos!

  • Beau­ti­ful Pics.…… real­ly great… spe­cial­ly the first one..

  • She­faly


    The boat with flow­ers appears on the hard­back cov­er of Mark Tully’s “India in Slow Motion” and is attrib­uted to Steve McCurry/ Mag­num.

    I think one or two may be Raghu Rai’s.

    But most of these pho­tos are copy­right­ed to Nation­al Geo­graph­ic. I have a series of books on NatGeo’s pho­to col­lec­tions but I shall have to look into them and tell you indi­vid­ual attri­bu­tions after 3–4 weeks once my mega-task-at-hand (a k a PhD the­sis) is done.


  • She­faly: Thanks! I did sus­pect Raghu Rai, as it matched his oth­er work I’ve seen. I’ve updat­ed the cred­its.

    I appre­ci­ate your tak­ing the time to let me know. I do envy your col­lec­tion! 😉

  • She­faly

    Mahen­dra: You are wel­come!

    If I might say so myself, my col­lec­tion of books is envi­able on many counts, not least because I sac­ri­fice the usu­al quo­tid­i­an attrac­tions of shop­ping, idle social­is­ing etc. to buy books. 🙂

    The link to my par­tial book­shelf on Shel­fari is on my blog.


  • wow those r real­ly nice pics
    u must have put in lots of hard work!

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  • Prax: as men­tioned in my post and the com­ments above, these are not my pho­tographs!

    If you want to see some­one who puts in hard work behind his pho­tographs, vis­it Priyank’s site (if it works).

  • i was talkg about ur com­pi­la­tion effort

  • Mahen­dra: I went through 2 com­pi­la­tions today and have one more answer for you.

    The Rajasthani women hud­dled against a storm were pho­tographed by Steve McCur­ry too, in 1984 and is a Nat Geo pho­to.

    I think you will find prob­a­bly the oth­ers are his too. Not Raghu Rai’s..

  • Mahen­dra: Ok here you are:

    Train pho­to: Steve McCur­ry, Uttar Pradesh, 1983

    Bull and woman; Steve McCur­ry, Vrin­da­van, 1995

    Taj reflec­tion: Steve McCur­ry, 1999

    Now only that city scene puz­zle remains unsolved…

  • She­faly: Thank you very much. I’ve updat­ed the post and includ­ed links to Steve’s site, where there are many more such aston­ish­ing pho­tographs!

    City scene is not there on Steve’s site either, so I won­der…

  • Mahen­dra:

    The city panora­ma is also Steve McCur­ry. The pic­ture is on the cov­er of Paul Theroux’s lat­est book, The Ele­phan­ta Suite: Three Novel­las (hard­back edi­tion).